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4 Pro Tips for Getting into a Physician Assistant School of Your Dreams

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Studying and preparing for any profession of this world can be quite demanding, but the medical field applicants have it the toughest. The prerequisites are hard to attain, merits are high, a lot of studying is involved, and internships are demanding. The same goes for applying for PA education. It can be a hard path, but not so for overachievers.


Anything is accomplishable once you put your mind through it. You may wonder if becoming a PA is hard or not. People have built things and reached the moon, achieving it all due to their passion, hard work, and belief in themselves. So here are some things you need to know in order to become a high earning and achieving physician assistant by getting into your dream med school:

Get Those Numbers Right

As we said, it takes a lot of hard work and commitment to get into a PA school, including passing tests and getting fantastic scores on them. You have to slay your GRE and SATS and try to get the above-average scores to stand out from other applicants. Also, go for extra courses not required by the admission just to make your application shine. Your credit score must also be above 3.0 GPA that is the average requirement of the PA administrative boards. So manage to study hard in college to get easy admissions in PA school. 


Be Useful

If you want to get accepted into a moral PA school, you have to swear by this activity the most; volunteering and gaining medical experience. After finishing your bachelor’s or better, during it, you can start to take on small medical roles and volunteer for free. PA school administrators love to see extensive lists of volunteer works. 

So this also means that this job demands more hard graft and passion before you can start making any money. Jump into it if you have both these prerequisites. Many PA schools also require three years of experience in any medical field. 



Entering the med school of your dreams requires compassion and eye to detail, and it also requires some skills that may be apart from giving prescriptions and treatments. This part is where you prepare to astonish the administrations and interviewers by showing your kindness and handle with patients, getting genuinely concerned people for you to write letters of recommendation, and craft the most solid narrative displaying all your good intentions with the position. 

You may be able to get ahold on most of these assets to display at your interview, but coming up with a 5000 or so words narrative can be challenging where you have to talk about yourself. But thankfully, there are sites on the web for making things easier for PA enrolling students to help them tackle the more critical tasks and leave the trivial to them. A sample of a sound narrative can be seen on this site to take inspiration from. 


Apply Everywhere

You have a good GPA paired with the right amount of volunteer work experience, and a shining application, what’s left is applying for the PA school of your dreams. However, in the education sector, there are always complications with grading students and better candidates. Hence, you can be rejected even when you thought there was a perfect chance of enrolling. So to get selected to pursue PA studies and work along with the medical staff of almost any area, its best to set your bets at not just one but plenty of preferred schools. This way, you will have more of a chance to be selected and not have to wait another year to apply again. 



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