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5 Best Tech Careers for 2018

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Jobs in the tech industry are still in high demand, and are projected to be one of the best career paths for the coming year. Here are the five best careers in technology that will propel you to new heights in 2018.

System Administrator

Being the system administrator means you’ll have the most responsibility if something should go wrong, but it also means you get the most credit if things run smoothly. It would be your job to coordinate with all of the different employees to keep the IT systems running the way they should, and also to plan ahead so that the company will always be taking advantage of all of the latest advancements.

A Good Fit:  This would be the perfect fit for someone that understands all of the technical jargon, has a clear vision for the future and has good interpersonal communication skills to be able to interact with different personality types in the office.


5 Best Tech Careers for 2018

Business Analyst

A good business analyst will be able to look at a company’s IT system and know how to make it better. This may involve tweaks and adjustments or a total overhaul. The company will rely on you to make the business run even better, so the stakes can be high, but so can the rewards.

A Good Fit: If you love poring over data and diving deep into researching technology trends and markets, you’ll likely make a good business analyst. Of course you’ll also need a strong understanding of the business world, how it works and how to increase profits over the long term.

Software Developer

A software developer will, as the name implies, develop new software together with a team of programmers. Depending on the needs of the company and their business model you could be developing and selling the software to other companies, or for use in-house to stay one step ahead of the competition.

A Good Fit:  This position requires that you have creativity and problem-solving skills as well as a strong grasp of different programming languages used to create the software that’s needed. With the emerging trends in artificial intelligence and deep learning applications, those that are highly-skillful in coding and analysis are a great fit. You’ll need to work with programmers as well as CTOs (Chief Technology Officers) to make sure that the vision of the company is executed properly.

Software Engineer

You’ll be working closely with software developers and trying to figure out what it is they want so that you can make it happen. This involves a command of a programming language or languages so that you know how to get the software to do what they want it to do. You may even have to create new abilities of the software using its existing code.

A Good Fit: They say engineers are a special breed, and if someone has told you that you should be an engineer you probably should. It takes the right sort of mind and way of looking at the world, and when you are a software engineer it involves thinking in a very specific way.

Java Developer

The Java programming language has been around for a long time now, and is showing no signs of slowing down. You can specialize in Java and create all sorts of things, from web apps to Android apps and more. That’s why companies are always on the lookout for the next Java programming pro.

A Good Fit: If you start to study the Java programming language and find that you have a knack for it, you’ll probably want to pursue it to the fullest extent. For some people it just “clicks” and they find that they get up to speed in it in a hurry.



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