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5 Hottest Careers Projected for 2018

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If you’re looking to break into a new career or chart a new career path in 2018 there are some careers that will be more in-demand than others. Here are some of the hottest jobs to consider if you want to take advantage of recent trends and technology.

Financial Advisor

Most people don’t know what to do with the money they’ve made, and they desperately need someone’s help so they don’t lose it. You could be the person that helps them make money from the money they have, and secure a better financial future for them and their families.

You could even specialize in estate planning, as many older individuals do not have a will and do not know how to properly plan ahead for what will happen with their estate when they die.

Demand Spurred By: A strong economy and low unemployment numbers, a rising stock market and Baby Boomers that are looking to take care of their nest egg, or come up with an alternative plan due to a lack of savings in their younger years.

5 Hottest Careers Projected for 2018

Occupational Therapist

When someone is injured or disabled they need someone’s help to get them back to normal daily activity. It’s not always easy for them, and it can be a slow and painful process. You could be the person that helps them in a caring and understanding way.

Demand Spurred By: Healthcare jobs will always have a strong demand, so you know the time you spend procuring a job as an occupational therapist or an assistant will be well worth it.

Software Engineer

If you’ve always wanted to be a software engineer there’s still a strong demand and it’s often a matter of picking the right programming language to become proficient in. There’s a shortage of quality software engineers, which means you’ll have an easy time finding and keeping a job once you’ve got the skills.

Demand Spurred By: The unrelenting advancement of tech companies and the nearly limitless demand for new software to run the new gadgets. With consumers upgrading their phone and other technology every few years the demand is built in.

Pharmacy Tech

A pharmacy technician isn’t a pharmacist, but this position will have you working directly with pharmacists and others in the healthcare field. It can be a great stepping stone to something bigger, and will get you familiar with the way the system works.

Demand Spurred By: The pharmaceutical drug industry continually releases new drugs to the marketplace. Baby boomer demand for drugs is on the rise due to their advancing age. This trend is predicted to continue for the next 20 years or more.

Real Estate Agent

If you love working with people you can help them make one of the largest purchases they’ll make in their entire lifetime. Ever since the housing crisis of 2008 the market has steadily risen and has surpassed any previous highs. It’s a great time to get in, and all that’s required to start is the proper licensing for your state.

Demand Spurred By: Another big year of strong real estate prices is predicted, with a bustling housing market in most areas.


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