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7 Tips for Climbing the Career Ladder for Writers

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Writing still has that exotic, adventurous feel to it, and it’s easy to mistake it for something less important than a tool to build a career. Of course, a writer chooses this profession because he likes to write. But it’s a job nonetheless.


Besides being a romantic novelist, writers are active in many fields. They provide services that are highly in demand. Any business can use a copywriter, a business writer, or a writer that can create valuable content for the company website. Students need assistance with their Ph.D. dissertations, and that’s where writers that provide custom papers online come in. We could fill pages with examples.

Writers provide a service or services and are active at many business levels. Entry-level to specialist level. They are as eager climbing the corporate ladder as your next employee. Even though most professional writers work independently, usually as freelancers, they are still members of the general business community. There work together with companies in need of their service. 

Ambition and career climbing go hand in hand. How to translate this into a writer’s career? Let’s call the writer “you” from now on. 


What are the 7 tips that make it easier for you to climb your business ladder?


  • Continue to educate yourself. The jargon used in the writer’s world (freelance, sole entrepreneur, nomad …) could wrongly imply that writers can just get away with pretending. If you look at job postings, it’s clear that employers prefer working with writers who have, for example, a bachelor’s degree in communications. Not that a writer can’t succeed without a formal degree. But this shows you that some training, courses, or any way of polishing your skills certainly will help when aiming for a higher position/project.


  • Keep building a resume and portfolio. Just like any professional, a writer needs to show his credentials. In the case of a more creative profession, we tend to speak of a portfolio instead of a resume, but it mainly means the same. If a writer wants to get hired, he needs to prove he’s good, by showing success stories from comparable tasks (or just 1 level below the gig’s or company’s requirements).


  • Look for an industry that needs your help. The fastest way for a writer to move up is to offer his/her skills to who is really in need of them, i.e., if you are an essay writer try to work for reputable dissertation service. It makes no sense and won’t help your career moving upwards if you stubbornly try to make it alone or ignore platforms that will inject your career. Dissertation writing services are the industry that needs your help, so go for it if paper writing is your forte. 


  • Continue evaluating opportunities. Big companies and small businesses want a bigger share of the market they’re operating in. That’s the nature of any self-respecting enterprise. Where do you fit in?   When you can introduce new products or can help them expand into new territories, you will be of unmissable value. Any growing company is willing to take calculated risks to meet profit targets or expand. Be ready for opportunities like that. Keep your antenna


  • Write and Publish a lot. This will help you to keep improving your writing skills and build up a name for yourself at the same time. Try guest posts on different blogs. Or create your website. Write columns. Share your knowledge by composing your eBooks, courses, whatever you can think of. As long you write, write and keep writing and become better at it. This will also prepare you for when a good opportunity comes your way. Keep those writing fingers warm. And practice the types of writing that make money. 



  • Become a Specialist. This is, without a doubt one of the best ways to climb the corporate ladder in any work field. You chose your writing niche a long time ago, you know how to write about it. Now you became even better at it, and tomorrow better still. Specialists are invaluable and companies can’t imagine those specialist employees not working for them (or freelancers working with them).


  • Prepare. To begin is half the work. Seeing your writing life as a business is the first step to make it a real career. With that attitude, you will see a business ladder materializing in front of you. Your career will move from a modest start to climb up. First, you write a business plan. One you will stick to. It’s very much like writing a dissertation proposal. Before the actual Ph.D. dissertation can materialize, a dissertation proposal template is needed. Learning from the best cheap dissertation writing services isn’t a bad idea for a writer who takes his career seriously. It’s the same line of business. And the same principle applies: get as well prepared as possible and be a “doctor” in your field.


Writing can be a real and realistic career. 


It can even be an exotic, adventurous lifestyle. As long you know what you are doing. Climbing the ladder as a writer means getting in a position that enables you to go for the better-paying jobs.

Standing on the first rung of the ladder, contemplate Marcus Aurelius words. “Begin – to begin is half the work, let half still remain; again begin this, and thou wilt have finished.”

Or to paraphrase a more modern-day hero, mister Dwayne Johnson … Success is about consistency, and consistent hard work leads to success (and greatness).

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