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6 Great Alternative Career Paths for Teachers

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The start of any career is always exciting, but after many years in the same profession, some people desire an alternative career path. Teachers are no exception. The advantage of attaining a degree in education is that you do not have to go back to school to change your career. You can use the same set of skills and knowledge to build an alternative fulfilling career. Here are some alternative career paths for teachers.

6 Great Alternative Career Paths for Teachers

1. Educating Inmates

Teaching inmates is a fulfilling career path. Many inmates desire to continue their education after correcting their behavior. You will have an opportunity to alter their future permanently with your skills and knowledge. Prison teachers offer life skills to inmates to prepare them for the life after prison.

2. An Educational Consultant

You can explore different areas in educational consulting, including teachers’ recruitment and professional development. If you choose this career path, you can work independently or join a consulting firm. You can start your own consulting company and hire other experts in the field as consultants. You may require a doctorate or mastersof education in learning to work as a consultant.

3. Private Tutoring

If you are tired of classroom teaching but want to continue interacting with students, you can organize private lessons for students. You can teach students at different levels in small groups every week. Your potential clients in this career path include homeschooling students. The demand for qualified teachers with a flexible working schedule is high among parents who prefer homeschooling for their kids. Parents will refer you to other parents if you are a good private tutor.

4. Facilitating Learning and Development in Organizations

Organizations conduct training, career development, and mentoring programs for their employees. Your knowledge of human learning is marketable in the corporate environment. You may need a master of education in learning cognition and development degree (MELCD) to explore this career path. Rutgers Online University offers an online MELCD program to teachers and other individuals who want to learn the psychology of human cognition, learning, and development.

5. A Preschool or Daycare Teachers

Sometimes, changing your teaching environment can bring the fulfillment that you have been looking for. If you have been teaching older children for years, consider becoming a daycare or preschool teacher. The learning needs and abilities of preschoolers are different from those of elementary school pupils. You will earn less from this career, but you will have more time on your hands to pursue other interests.

6. Prepare Training Courses for Colleges and Universities

College and universities hire experienced teachers to prepare training materials for their student teachers. Alternatively, you can help other teachers to prepare their lessons, especially new entrants in the field of education.

Teachers have many career paths to choose from other than classroom teaching. You can earn more from your degree in education if you know the alternative career paths. If you are unsure about any new career, you can take part-time jobs in the field and gain experience before quitting your teaching job.



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