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Why Article Spinning is Banned in Academic World?

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It is not simple at all to deliver content for academic purposes. This is why you mostly hear students whining about ending up with pressurizing submissions. Let us take the example of term papers. These papers have to be submitted at the end of every semester.

A topic is selected by the student and has to deliver a quality paper on it. This is not as easy as producing a one-page document on any topic. Writing a single page on “information accessing techniques” and preparing a term paper on the same will be two completely different tasks.

The later would require a lot more work and a well-defined scope. In the academic arena, serious dedication is the only way to get things under control.


What is spinning and how does it work?

In layman terms, article spinning is producing content through rearrangement. A software called an article spinner is used to reorganize already written material by changing the sentence arrangement, inserting synonyms and using other techniques. In most cases, the output is simply unacceptable. Using it to deliver something for college or university purposes is a silly thought.

Reasons why spinning is a backfire for educational purposes

There are umpteen reasons which show why spinning is a major blunder for academic areas. Here are some of them.

1.    Poor quality content reproduced

On what basis do students get graded? Although there are several parameters including how well the topic has been explained. Mostly the grade goes down if things do not get wrapped on time which is why there is so much emphasis on deadlines. To complete things on time, writers use spinning soft wares. These tools alter the arrangement of content by replacing words with their synonyms and modifying sentence structures.

Does this have a negative effect on the quality? Most spinning tools alter the content in such a way that it does not make sense. Hence, when teachers and professors go through what the student has produced, they get severely disappointed. Producing academic material of this standard not only results in a low grade but also harms the reputation of the student.

2.    Unintentional grammatical mistakes

Consider that you have the following sentence written in the first paragraph of a blog post.

“There has been rain last night”.

A spinning tool that has not been developed using a strong algorithm may distort the sentence completely. As a result, the sentence would lose its sense. It may appear get transformed into the following sentence.

“A lot of rain early night”

By looking at the sentence written above, it can be easily said that there is absolutely no sense in grammatical terms. This is what a spinning tool can do to written content. It is understandable that students do always struggle with time when they have to work on educational deliverables. First of all, there are several assignments that students have to complete. Each of them has an individual deadline which has to be met. Due to lesser availability of time, various shortcuts including the use of a spinning tool are adopted by students. In a nutshell, if you do not want to risk any of your grades, do not use these applications to paraphrase content.

3.    Complete assurance of producing plagiarism free content does not exist

It is a mistake to assume that a spinning tool would remove all presences of plagiarism. Most of these tools read through the uploaded content and alter the layout of sentences. This is not as efficient as proper rephrasing. You cannot expect a tool to read through the content with the same proficiency. Thus, students who count on these tools do nothing but make blunders.

  • There is absolutely no route to escape if plagiarized content is submitted. Academic institutions have a long list of regulations for paraphrasing which every student is expected to follow. Students have to make sure that they follow all rules and no points are ignored.


  • Quality paraphrasing means that there should be no resemblance with the original content. University and college professors use top standard applications to check plagiarism. This is why it is always advised that students should spend a considerable time span on paraphrasing in an attentive manner. Using a spinning tool is an easy and risky way out. A high ratio of these tools do nothing but spoil the compiled information.


  • If you think that the use of a spinning tool is not detected in academic assignments, you are sadly mistaken. Teachers and advisors take their time while checking every submission so nothing gets ignored. There are obvious differences between the use of a spinning software and proper end to end paraphrasing. A paraphrasing tool that understands the human level paraphrasing and rephrase the content according to linguistic rules can be considered. Although, such paraphrasing tools are rare to find even though many software claim they provide AI based rewriting tool.


  • When a human being rewords the content, he does not do it abruptly. Instead, he reads each line, understands it and then rephrases it. This is exactly what you need to deliver when you are writing academic papers. It is impossible to score well if there are paraphrasing issues with what you have written.


Getting high academic paper grades is not an easy nut to crack. Several students end up with failing because they do not know how to write their papers. At times, they leave everything for the end and spend time over planning.  In other cases, they pick a random spinning tool to rephrase the content without checking its reputation. The end result is devastating as the student ends up with a rejected paper.

Paraphrasing requires complete attention and focus from the student. It cannot be done with a halfhearted approach. When you plan the writing process, ensure that a sufficient span has been reserved for paraphrasing. If you have to work on a 2000-word research assignment, the paraphrasing task cannot be completed in an hour. You need to have a sufficient time span for rephrasing tasks.

There are various drawbacks of using a spinning tool. Ending up with unnecessary grammatical mistakes is one of them. When these tools fiddle with the combination of sentences and modify them, the content becomes grammatically erroneous.

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