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How to avoid plagiarism in your academic writing?

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Many students make blunders while writing an academic treatise. They even do not know how to remove duplicate content from their write-ups? Thus, it is necessary to read about how you can avoid plagiarism while writing a thesis, assignment, research, or anything related to education and academia. You should learn about the following techniques to avoid plagiarism.

How to avoid plagiarism in your academic writing?

Using following paraphrasing tools to remove plagiarism:

  2. Prepostseo
  3. paraphrasing-tool
  4. Rephrase-tool is a greatly praised paraphrasing tool for academic writing. It can help in rewriting the text in the exact meaning of original content. In academic writing, many students are used to making severe blunders, which make them fail in the examination, and also their assignments, as well as thesis papers, are rejected.

From today, every student can use either of the tools mentioned in this article so that the academic write-ups can become plagiarism-free, and no student may fail next time.


The paraphrasing tools have different databases like synonyms or grammar structure, with its help, the process of rewriting is carried out. Prepostseo has a sound database, for which, it has greatly been used for academic writing purposes. Google also likes this tool as it is sending massive traffic on the site of this tool. Students can get benefit from this worthy tool.


This paraphrasing tool is also a good tool, which can assist students to receive reverence via getting skyrocketing grades. This tool is used by several students in different cities of the world. It has been noted that even professors use this tool to rewrite content when they are short of time. It happens to create a need where only a paraphrasing tool can fill the gap. In academic writing, it can render a good job.


Rephrase-tool is a very trusted tool as it changes the words into such a vocabulary usage, which dazzles the readers. It provides high grammar content and sometimes has minor mistakes. It shows exactly rewritten content. No doubt, it might make mistakes in rewriting, yet generally provides good results. Students might also examine this tool to verify that their content is plagiarism-free.

Using new words while writing

Students when they write any content, never think that they are writing something which has already been imbued in their mind. They should carefully choose the words while they write anything. Idioms are sometimes lengthy, and plagiarism detectors consider them duplicate content. Thus, it is necessary to use new words that are not frequently used by one.

In this way, there are more changes that plagiarism can be avoided.

Using less literature read arguments

Most of the students are extensive readers. They read different articles online or offline. They are open to absorb different sentences, which they can write while doing an academic write-up. Thus, keep in mind that do not use literary arguments or sentences so that plagiarism should not occur in the text.

Don’t you even know what plagiarism is?

Plagiarism is the percentage of duplicate content in an article. The similar content which is already available cannot be accepted anymore. Thus, it is called plagiarized content. The numbers of words plagiarized are counted and then, the plagiarism percentage is got through calculation. In most of the academic institutions, plagiarism is allowed till 20%. You can also remove that 20% plagiarism using paraphrasing tools.

How many types of plagiarism

There are two main types of plagiarism which are as below written;

  • Intentional or intended plagiarism
  • Unintentional or accidental plagiarism

Intentional or intended plagiarism

It is a type of plagiarism. When somebody is copying others’ content from any source, and the detectors have examined the percentage of plagiarism available, then it is known as intended or intentional plagiarism. It usually occurs with those students who cheat from one and other.

Unintentional or accidental plagiarism

This is a type of plagiarism when somebody uses the same sentences in a text which he had already used in the previous articles. It happens with a student when one writes on a regular basis. Thus, it is necessary to check the content on plagiarism detectors, and then paraphrase the plagiarized content on the paraphrasing tools online free.

What is academic writing?

Every type of writing conducted at educational institutions, like colleges or universities, is considered academic writing. The most common academic writing includes thesis writing, assignment writing, and research writing.

Types of academic writing

There are four main types of academic writing [1]. These are written below in bullet points.

  • Descriptive academic writing
  • Persuasive or argumentative academic writing
  • Expository academic writing
  • Narrative writing

Consequences if you do not paraphrase

Low grades

Some institutes are very reputable in the world, which are very careful about their reputation. They do not tolerate it, if any of their policies is avoided by a student. Some colleges and universities have the rule to deduct marks if their assignments, examination papers, or research papers are plagiarized.

None will want to get this feedback from the educational platforms. So, every student had better to paraphrase the content if plagiarism exits within it.


You may have seen the strict teachers as well who avoid those students who are disobedient and do not pay attention to the requirements of the teacher as well as the institution. They are usually ready to punish such students.

The teachers also do not tolerate plagiarism in assignments or other types of academic writing. To save yourself from this anger of a teacher, you must use the paraphrasing ways to remove similar content from your papers.

Cancellation of the admission from your institute

Have you ever heard of the cancellation of the admission because of plagiarism? You should have. There are such disciplinary educational institutions that do not like their students cheating or have accidental plagiarism in academic writing.

If plagiarism is detected, they give very low grades to such students. Hence, the results of such students are very poor. Institutions keep their rules very strict, and will never allow plagiarism, as the result will not be good, ultimately befouling the reputation of the institutions. Make sure to paraphrase your academic writing!



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