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Byju’s App: Changing the Face of Education

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Gone are the days when students had to carry around bags full of textbooks and notebooks to school. With the mass digitization happening around the globe, everything is becoming digital from buying groceries to education. The educational industry has been undergoing some massive reforms since the upbringing of the internet and its availability to the public. Now, the next ingenious thing to come our way is the smartphone. The smartphone era has enabled us to access the internet which is basically access to information from anywhere around the world. This has considerably changed the way we learn. Educational applications are the next inventive application of technology to bring forth a new wave of change in the educational sector. One such app is Byju’s – The Learning App. With over 10 million downloads in the Google play store, the numbers speak for themselves. Let us look at a few of the key aspects of why the application is such a huge success.


  • Innovative Teaching Style: Empowering the kids to ask why is their motto. Most students in school wouldn’t dare to ask their teacher if they didn’t understand a topic say of chemistry like thermodynamics due to a lot of reasons. But this application teaches students in a way such that they are hooked onto to the subject with interest and they themselves will ask their mentor, why is this so? Thus enforcing a better learning routine for the students.
  • Technology Integrated learning techniques: We ourselves know that we remember the storyline of a movie we saw a month back but we have a hard time recollecting what we might have read in the newspaper the day before. This is because our brain has a higher retentivity to audio-visual content compared to simple images. This loophole of the human brain is something that has been utilized by the application. With their engaging 3D animated integrated content, they are offering next level education content to the students.
  • Progress Tracking: It is usually difficult for parents to track how their students are performing in their studies. With their own work life keeping restricting them from how much they can get involved in their students studies. Byju’s has come up with a solution for that. A parental monitoring application called the BYJU’S Parent Connect. This application enables parents to stay up-to-date with their child’s progress and performance from BYJU’S Learning App. A child performs best when her parents help her in her studies on an ongoing basis. The Parent Connect app is designed to provide the real-time update to the parents that help them be more involved with child’s progress.
  • Funding: A lot can be said about an establishment based on who seconds it. Well in the case of Byju’s – The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) founded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan has invested $50 million in Byju’s. As the CZI founders share that belief in the personalised learning concept, they have lead the way to many more investors like Sequoia Capital India, Sofina, Verlinvest, Lightspeed Venture Partners and much more.
  • Mentoring System: If the engaging content wasn’t enough, Byju’s offers a personal mentor to every student using their content. That is whenever they may have a doubt on any topic, they have someone who encourages them to ask why and to explain it to them in the best of ways.

No more is the need for students to go to a library and go through encyclopedias and textbooks to find the answer to a question. With apps like Byju’s, the educational industry is on the verge of a massive reform. If this Byjus app review sounds too good to be true, check out the application yourself and to get a glimpse of their way of teaching.



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