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How Can You Become a Nurse While Serving in the Military Reserves?

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Military reservists have a big job to do and their schedules generally allow them to pursue many activities off base. This includes full-time employment and higher education. On the other hand, a National Guard or Army reservist might be called in to help with domestic issues or even have to report for active duty. This fact might make you want to consider when you time enrolling for your RN to MSN degree. Although a lot of people in the Army, Navy, and National Guard Reserves complete their college education during their enlistment periods, your service to the United States is always going to come first. Choose a nursing degree program that has some flexibility and be sure to tell your academic advisor that you are in the military to ensure that you get all credit for attended classes.


How Can You Become a Nurse While Serving in the Military Reserves?

Taking Classes While Serving in the Military

Ordinarily it would be impractical to attend college while going through basic training or otherwise just getting your military career started. After signing up in the military you will need to wait until you receive your first set of orders. When you sign up with the military you have to understand that you are under a moral and legal obligation to fulfill whatever requirements the military sets for you. You can earn your degree online through a university like CSUSM-EL and still serve as a military reservist, but your class schedule cannot get in the way.

When You Need to Take a Leave of Absence

If you already in school to earn a nursing degree then you can take a leave of absence when you sign up to serve as a reservist. Work with your recruiter so that you can attend basic training while college is not in session. Since reservists usually report for duty on the weekends you will have a lot of various ways to keep your military obligations from interfering with your college class schedule. Taking a leave of absence from college will not impact your GPA but it will likely delay your graduation date. Think about taking a few extra classes every semester once you return from your leave of absence to help keep your college plan on track.

Should You Wait Until Your Enlistment Time is Over Before Enrolling in College?

Although service in the military will be the focal point of your life, you don’t have to delay your higher education goals. You can get into a healthcare career track in the military so you are able to sign up for the classes that you need to take for the completion of a nursing degree. As long as you tell your commanding officer what your future plans are and how they relate to the military you will get an understanding response.

You’ll give up a lot of freedom by joining the military as a reservist but you will also get financial help to pay for schooling. Enrollment can last for as little as two years, and after that you can determine if you want to continue to be a part of the military. Either way, your experience will be vital when you begin your career as a nurse.



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