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Career Choices in Singapore

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Singapore is a liberal economy that thrives majorly primarily on manufacturing and service industries. Manufacturing is the backbone of this its economy with about half of the manufacturing activities involving going to electronics. After electronics, the chemical industry is the second largest manufacturing industry. The city-state is the third biggest petroleum- refining destination globally. With the great prospects of growth in the manufacturing or service industries, investors, from both within the country and outside, the country look for opportunities to have get a piece of the economic pie by setting up their businesses in Singapore. IThe investors may choose to operate as sole proprietors, in partnerships, or in private limited companies.  in whichWith the latter, case they need to undergo the process of Singapore company incorporation so as to be recognized and be able to operate as private companies.


Government focus

The state administration has its focus on five major industrial sub-sectors. These are:

  • elElectronics
  • Cchemicals
  • Eengineering
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Biomedical Sciences

Singapore workers

The workers in this island -state are among the most productive in the world, have a good work attitude, and possess some handy technical skills. They are proficient in English as the language of communication, and are diligent, and dedicated, and always eager to enhance their skills and knowledge. Singapore is heavily dependent on foreign workers at both ends of the skills ladder. The government intends to continue attracting and enticing global talents and top managerial positions holders to work there, and specifically in such sectors like the IT, and Technology industry. There is a plan to introduce a class of taxpayers referred to as “not ordinarily resident,” who will get tax exemptions on income made outside of the country.  The rate of unemployment in Singapore is very low compared to other developed countries.

Career opportunities

There are opportunities for careers in various sectors. These sectors includethe Financial sector, and –the following are some suitable job opportunities:

  • Funds management
  • Treasury and risk management
  • Venture capital
  • Investment banking
  • Tax planning
  • Investment analysis
  • Cross-border electronic banking
  • Corporate financial management
  • Insurance
  • General debt issuance.;

Other service industries in which there are some opportunities for one to building a their career are:

  • Media and advertising
  • Transport
  • Food and beverages
  • Logistics
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Social or community services

Choosing the right career in Singapore

CaThe questions that bombard career counselors are often asked these questions, not only in Singapore but across the globe: include:

  • What job am I suited for?
  • What is the best career for me?
  • How do I go about choosing a career?

These issues concern those various person from students who are  making educational choices, toas well as experienced professionals who want to make career changes. The following 3three steps do-it-yourself steps approach can help in solving this dilemma:

  1. Identifying your your characteristics and preferences,  which are key in choosing your career. These Look at yourare such things as personality, goals/limitations, skills, values, and interests.
  2. Makeing a list of careers that are in line with your personality and characteristics.
  3. Doing extensive research on the careers that you have listed.

Having researched on the various careers that one feels more inclined to, and bearing in mind the available job opportunities in Singapore as discussed above, you will certainly get a career that will help you feel fulfilledyou can pursue.

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