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Career counselling in Kasna region by Deepalaya, Asian paints and

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A few years ago, one of the most concerning challenge for educationists was to provide schools and teaching faculty to the students. There were investments towards improving education infrastructure. However, in the past few years, the picture has changed drastically. Almost 96% of the children in schools yet, our country has not achieved that much literacy rate. The reason is simple that students although get enrolled in schools but don’t have any motivation to study. This is the current concern that many organisations and educations are trying to solve these days. One of the major step that has been taken by many organisations is to provide career counselling to the students so that they can understand their future scope and realise what education can do for them. Many private schools in metro cities are already conducting career counseling and have made it an essential element of their curriculum. Some of the organisations are working to provide rural schools an access to career counseling.

Career counseling in Kasna

One such organization is Deepalaya which has been striving hard to provide career counseling to several rural schools for the last 3 years. In 2014-15, Deepalaya very successfully held career counseling events in Kasna region. The events were sponsored by Asian Paints and coordinated with the support of’s team. The event was held in 7 different schools from Dec 2014 till Jan 2015 and 1060 students were impacted by the event. The career counselling session in all the schools started with an objective to guide the students on how they can develop their career in a right direction. The students were then guided about the vocational courses that they can pursue and along with that, they were given awareness about different career options. After creating basic awareness, students were encouraged to discover their interests and various activities were conducted to motivate and inspire them. This activity leads to career mapping of individual student and finally a psychometric test is conducted for the students which can advise them about the ideal career option for every individual student.


Career counseling in Kasna region by Deepalaya

In the sessions undertaken, students were given motivational talks by the career counsellors from’s team and students were also informed on how to use the results from psychometric tests. The students were also given Vocational Career booklets which has been prepared by and includes more than 550 career options. It includes varied career options ranging from aerospace to agriculture and media. These career options are well segmented and are presented in a graphical manner which can help students to understand their desired career easily. Students were also given their individual career report that stated their strengths and weaknesses and subsequently advises which career options are suitable for them.

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Students were guided that at the first place, to pursue a career, they should be interested in doing the hard work for that career option and secondly, they should be skilled and suitable. Interest is very important while selecting a career since it keeps the students motivated and engaged in the work. Also, work takes up the most of the time of a day for any individual and if a student does not have any interest in pursuing a career, he cannot give his best and this may lead to frustration and lesser productivity. Psychometric career test report helps the students at this stage to understand what career option can be suitable to them according to their interests. Further, selecting a skilling or a vocational course based on the results of the report will increase the likelihood of being more successful in the career.

Career counseling in Kasna region by Deepalaya

It was found that students were quite happy with the revelation of their strengths and weaknesses through psychometric tests. Many students stated that the session was very beneficial for them and they hoped to receive it regularly so as to properly shape their career. The career counseling session not only advised students about their suitable career options but also gave them a clear picture of how much hard work they need to put in to achieve their desired goals. Also, they were told about the scope of different career options. This provided them a greater level of awareness which is very important for them to focus in the direction of their dreams. Students were also encouraged to ask questions from the career counsellors. Many students asked regarding career options in the field of teaching, army, police and medical. In fact, enthusiasm among girls was observed to be very high. The session successfully motivated students in Kasna region to aspire big and work hard for their goals.

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