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How To Create An Online Course

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There are hundreds of reasons as to why many can’t go to school and get a traditional education. For the majority of these population, they have resorted into taking an online education instead, through online learning platforms such as teachable or thinkific for example. This means that there is a huge market right now for online course creators.

It doesn’t take one to have an Economics degree to tell that the supply for online courses is lacking as compared to the wide demand for them. Online Course Creators have the choice to create online courses on the side or to fully focus all their time on it by resigning from their day jobs. 

In fact, studies have found that online learning platforms will earn billions of dollars in revenue. In fact, thousands have already quit on their day jobs and resolved to creating online courses full time. Most of these are earning over thousands of dollars each month and could afford to pay for their living expenses through online courses alone.

One quick search on the Internet will allow you access to hundreds of anecdotes where they write about their success on “making it big” with online courses. However, most of these stories do not provide you with the “How” of being successful. Unfortunately for you, hard work and luck are just two factors that play into it. What they do not tell you is that there is an exact science behind it.


This article will talk about how to create an online course. When you finish these steps, you can upload them in the online learning platform of your liking and relax as your course earn money for your bank account.

By 2023, studies calculate that the e-Learning industry will earn over 240 Billion Dollars in revenue on a yearly basis. Here are some steps to follow so you can be successful as an online course creator.

Choose a Course Topic That You’re Proficient At

The first thing that you have to think about is what topic you are going to create a course at. It has to be something that you are proficient at to give your students justice. You can’t exactly teach something that you do not know. Create a list of the fields that you are knowledgeable of. For starters, it can be a skill that you learned from your job, a hobby that you have honed over the years or an academic topic that you are great at. The more mastery that you have, the better you can fill your course with great content which makes it more sellable. It goes without saying that the topic that you choose must also be something that many are interested at.

Do Extensive Market Research

Doing Market Research is important for everyone who decides to start a business. Not knowing your market can possibly be disastrous for you as you do not know whether you are satisfying a demand in the market or just shooting up to a void without any buyers.

One of the things you have to figure out is whether there are interested students who would be buying your course. What would be the point of putting a lot of effort into creating a course that no one would buy? Aside from that, you should also check out which online learning platform will allow give you the most commissions while also giving you the best service available.

Decide On The Best Medium For Your Online Course

Online courses come in various mediums. There are a lot of choices that you can choose from: text, animation, video, video animation, interactive worksheets, infographics, posters, audio, etc. Whatever medium you think would work most effective with your chosen topic.

An example would be if you are creating an online course on Inverse Hyperbolic Functions, plain text just would not be enough. Because of how complex the subject is, you have to create a much better course with a combination of text, video, and interactive worksheets. 

Create Your Online Course

Now that you are finished with your research, you now have to create our online course. There are a lot of online tools that you can use to create your course. There’s Adobe Photoshop, Camtasia, Animaker, etc. You can use a mixture of these tools to create a sellable course which will hopefully attract a lot of students. 

Your students will pay for your course so you owe it to them to create a great course that is both informative and delivers an enjoyable experience. You want return customers and loyalty as this will make up mostof your revenue.

Before you upload your course, you should check your work thrice for errors and other inconsistencies. An error-filled course is not what you want to upload on the cloud as it will damage your reputation and lessen your income.

Update Your Online Course Regularly

There is no field of knowledge that doesn’t stop from expanding. When you upload your course, you shouldn’t stop there. Regularly update your course with newfound information so that your students can also be updated on new breakthroughs on the field. This will highly improve your course while also increasing its sellability.

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