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Departing from Gatwick for a job interview? Prep with these 3 tips

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If you’re travelling from Gatwick for a job interview in a destination like New York, Dublin or Cape Town, you’re not alone.

Official airport stats show that the travel purpose for seven per cent of passengers in 2017 was some sort of business — a portion of which was probably job seeking.

Whether you’re throwing your hat in the ring for a post with an international diplomatic organisation or a high-flying role with a global corporation, you should be in the right mindset from the moment you leave home.

For the best chance of bagging your dream job, prep with these three tips.

  1. Getting there

Depending on where you live in the UK, catching an internal flight or train to Gatwick might be the most convenient option — transport links from all major cities are good and if you book far enough ahead, you’ll bag a bargain.


But passengers living in reasonably close proximity often prefer to travel by car — your privacy is guaranteed, you’ll be more comfortable and there’s no need to plug earphones in to listen to your favourite tunes.

If you’re arriving in your own vehicle, it’s wise to book ahead to reserve a parking space. There are several Gatwick airport parking options available — including on and offsite facilities with park and ride or valet services. Choose whichever seems most stress-free and affordable, but don’t leave it until the last minute as availability will decrease.

  1. Eating

When there’s quite a wait prior to check-in, hunger pains can make you feel edgy and irritable.

Saving yourself for the in-flight meal can sometimes lead to disappointment — airline food has improved over the years, but it’s usually nothing to text home about. And if it’s not to your taste at all, your only sustenance might be crisps and sweets.

The good news is that there are more substantial culinary delights on offer at this transport hub than a soggy sandwich from the nearest newsagent.

Food options at Gatwick airport include everything from Santa Fe burgers and breakfasts from Armadillo to Mediterranean treats at Jamie’s Italian. And if you need a pre-flight tipple to calm your nerves, there are five bars to chill out with a sneaky beer or crafty cocktail — drink water as a chaser to avoid dehydration.

  1. Shopping

Retail therapy can prove good medicine if you need to distract yourself before boarding your flightand it’s a good chance to grab a few must-have items you might struggle to locate when you land.

The airport’s north and south terminals host a range of high street and luxury retailers — top up on perfume or aftershave at World Duty Free or treat yourself to an eye-popping piece of jewellery at Accessorize.

But if you’ve got enough time as you drive to the airport, there’s a good choice of shopping near Gatwick in towns like Crawley, Windsor, Brighton and Portsmouth. So schedule a comfort break and pick up something special — you never know what unexpected delights you’ll discover.

Adopt these three pre-flight interview prep tips and you’ll take off from Gatwick towards your dream job — the sky’s the limit.

How do you prepare for job interviews? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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