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Engineering Admission Scenario in India

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In 1951, when first IIT – IIT Kharagpur was established, no one would have imagined that 60 years later engineering would become the most sought after career in India. As the engineering sector flourished in the country, there began a race to get a degree in this profession. And today there are more than 1500 engineering colleges all over the country which are approved by AICTE. The number of Engineers graduating every year (currently around 5 lakhs) will increase in the next few years due to increased intake numbers in various colleges. However, the employment ratio is not that encouraging. A study conducted by IIT Bombay-Engineering Education of India reported that as many as 30% of engineers remain unemployed even after one year of their graduation. Due to this fact, they end up choosing mediocre or low paid jobs. But how this can be improved? To answer this, we need to have the answers of three important questions:

1. Do students consider their suitability and interests for Engineering or a particular Engineering branch at the time of admission?

2. Do students have the correct information of various Engineering sectors and their future prospects?

3. Are students willing to go for those engineering courses which have recently been added and have greater scope of employment?

If answer to all these questions is “No.” – that is the problem and by eradicating that problem we can improve the Engineering education scenario in India.

The infographic below summarizes the important facts of the Engineering Admission Scenario in India. CareerGuide- India’s best career guidance platform, has conceived this informative graphic to create the awareness among aspiring Engineers.

Engineering Admission Scenario in India
Engineering Admission Scenario in India infographic

Make smart career choices in Engineering in just two steps:

Step 1: Access to right information – One needs to have the proper information about the career opportunities in the Engineering field. For example, there are 36 AICTE approved engineering branches yet most of the students go for six or seven traditional courses which is creating saturation in those sectors. This trend also discourages the students to grab the bright opportunities in new branches. For example, branches like Marine Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Environmental Engineering are seeing plenty of growth and opportunities.

Step 2: Choosing a suitable engineering branch – You can use either of the following ways to decide which Engineering course you should study:

a) Toss a coin.

b) Going by previous years’ trends, ignoring the future prospects and your inclination.

c) Use a scientific approach to identify your interests, aptitude and skills and match them to a suitable course/branch.

The third option though appears reasonable yet it has not been widely used so far because of the unavailability of such an effective technology. But things will change with the advent of Engineering Branch Selector tool that promises to help the students in choosing a right Engineering branch. The Branch Selector tool has been designed by an expert team of profound psychologists and educationists at CareerGuide. The test is extremely effective in measuring the personal traits of students and accordingly suggests the relevant courses in Engineering. The results of the test are valuable in deciding the career of a student. In fact the Branch Selector report also suggests suitable Non-Engineering career options in case your aptitude doesn’t suit Engineering. The future of our students definitely looks brighter with the advent of such an effective methodology.

Discover Your Perfect Engineering Branch NOW

About CareerGuide is India’s leading online career guidance portal. The experts at CareerGuide address the career concerns of students from all parts of the country and guide them thoughtfully. The psychometric tests designed by the company have been proven to be extremely effective in understanding the thought process of the students. CareerGuide was awarded India’s Best Career Guidance Platform by ASSOCHAM in 2012.


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