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Explore Bachelor of Computer and IT in Canada

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The Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science is perfect for students who want to combine their love of computers and how technology works with another major, whether it’s math or music.
The Bachelors of Computer science or Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (abbreviated BCompSc or BCS or BS CS or B.Sc. CS) is a type of bachelor’s degree, usually awarded after three or four years of collegiate study in computer science, but possibly awarded in fewer years depending on factors such as an institution’s course requirements and academic calendar. In some cases it can be awarded in five years. In general, computer science degree programs emphasize the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing.


Today, opportunities are increasing at a rapid rate in the IT/Computer sector. Presently, youth in India is opting for this field to obtain high remuneration, jobs abroad and prestige. IT/Computer graduates can avail a career options in various fields such as Programmers: These people write the programmes which tell the computer what to do. System Programmer/Software, Systems Analyst, Network Administrator etc.
Making Canada as your study abroad destination you can accelerate your career growth and look forward for developing some extraordinary skills and learning new techniques. Canada is one of the friendliest countries in the world with internationally recognized degrees.
Give yourself a chance to explore your abilities and potentials. Canadian faculty of this course aids the students with a well-rounded education; equip you with technical skills necessary for developing computer hardware and software.


Software engineering
Computer science and engineering
Software development
Computer engineering
Bachelors in artificial intelligence
Creative Computing
Computer game development
Computer games programmer
Cyber security
Digital arts
Information systems
Computer science with game development
Information technology management
Computer network technology


University of British Columbia
University of Waterloo
University of Toronto
University of Alberta
McGill University
University of Montreal
Simon Fraser University
University of Ottawa
Carleton University
Western University
Centennial College
University of Regina
University of Guelph
Mount Allison University
Trent University
University of Alberta


Entry Requirement to Canadian schools are fairly simple and easy.
SAT tests are not required for entry into UG programs.
There is no entrance exam also.
Your higher grades in high school and proficiency in English are the basic requirements.
Extracurricular achievements in non-academic areas such as sports, arts and community work will also be considered and will prove your overall application.
Although the requirement may vary from course to course and university to university, and some design universities may ask for a portfolio.


Manufacturing of Information Systems
Maintenance and Sales
Software and Hardware Development
Telecommunication Networks Expertise
System programmer/Software Engineer
System Analyst
Network Administrator
Chip Designer
Web Designer
Application analyst
Business analyst
Data analyst
Database administrator
Games developer
Information systems manager
IT consultant
Multimedia programmer
SEO specialist
Systems analyst
Systems developer
UX analyst
Web developer


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