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How to Find the Perfect Theme for Your Next Event

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So you’ve decided to organize an event. Great! You’ve got a budget, a venue, and a guest list. Now all you need is the perfect theme to get people excited and make it a memorable affair for all.

Nailing down the logistics of your event is crucial to its success. However, a great theme will make any event shine, whether it’s an office party, a fundraising gala or birthday celebration.

Here are a few tips from POP events to help you find the perfect theme for your next event.

Define Your Goals

Ask yourself: what are you trying to accomplish with this event? You might think that’s a strange question to ask, and you might come up with some vague answers. Try and zero in on something specific. Are you celebrating a particular person?  An achievement? Are you trying to get people to learn something?  Do you want people to get to know each other and socialize?

Once you’ve defined your goals, you’ll be pointed in the right direction in terms of choosing the right theme for your event.


Define Your Limits

It’s not fun, but during any event planning process, you have to know your limits. Are you limited to a certain area or budget? Is your guest list on the short side? These are all things that will inform your choice of theme. Some themes will work better for certain audiences, and others might be out of your budget entirely.

Logistical factors like time of day will have an effect here as well. If you’re planning a mid-day event, you won’t want to select a theme that creates a nightclub or casino atmosphere, for example.

Define Your Audience

Your guests and their expectations will play a huge role in determining a theme for the event. Catering to their needs will ensure that everyone enjoys themselves.

Choose a Tagline

Now that you’ve defined your goals, your audience and your logistical limits, it’s time to brainstorm! Coming up with a tagline can help you define a theme. It can also help you when you’re deciding on design details like decor, lighting, and entertainment.

A tagline is especially important if your event is charitable, such as a fundraising gala – remember, you need to generate as much interest as possible! Similarly, a good tagline can reinforce your organization’s message or branding to your guests.

Adopt a Lighting and Colour Scheme

Don’t forget about the visual aspect of your event. It will have a big impact on your guests’ well being. Think about lighting and colours. Pick a palette that will invoke the kinds of feelings you’ retrying to evoke. For example, if your event is a celebratory evening, pick bright lights and uplifting colours.

Create Branding Material

Finally, after you’ve chosen your theme, it’s time to sell this event! That means you’re going to need branding material. Create a logo for your event and ensure all your materials are easy to share on social media. Are there any special activities or performances during the event that are tied to the theme? If so, make sure to include them in flyers and posters!

You goal is to get a good buzz going and make sure that people can easily find and share information about your event online. With these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to having a memorable time at your next event.

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