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How Funeral Director Can Help Make Paying for Services Easier

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funeral directorDeath is an unfortunate reality that everyone has to deal with eventually. When you choose a career as a funeral director, it is your job to transport the body, prepare it, submit the necessary paperwork, and help grieving families to plan funeral services. In addition to dealing with the loss of a loved one, many families are often blindsided by the total cost of a funeral, which can often range between $7,000 to $10,000, sometimes more. This can leave families wondering what they can do to afford such a price while honoring their loved one’s last wishes and giving other family and friends a chance to say goodbye. There are things that you can do to help make the process easier.

Help Families Pre-Plan Funerals

It can often be much easier for families to deal with the financial aspects of funeral services and a burial or cremation if they know what to expect before the passing of a loved one. Many families go over last wishes of a loved one while they’re still alive. You can help by working with families to begin pre-planning their wishes. Show them what you have to offer and provide them with quotes for the funerals they plan. This way, they can plan finances in advance. While the emotional impact of losing a loved one is never easy, at least knowing what to expect money-wise ahead of time can help to prevent another major blow.

“It is very helpful when someone helps plan for death in advance. All the details and financial aspects can really burden a family during the grieving process,” explains Pete Novak of 

Provide Customizable Packages

Many funeral homes provide specific package deals for services. While you may offer packages as well, some families may find that none of these deals really fit what they’re looking for. Certain packages might not have everything they’re looking for and others might have more than what they want. People don’t really like paying for things they don’t need. You can help to make things easier for families by offering a customizable package, this way they can get everything they want for a better deal.

Pre-Need Plans

Another thing that you can do is to offer pre-need plans. These types of plans allow families to pay for services ahead of time. They plan their funerals and you price out the total. Families can either pay all at once or over time. Providing guaranteed plans ensures that the families do not end up having to pay additional costs at the time of the funeral in the event that your prices go up over time. Not all families are very keen on the idea of paying in advance, in case they need to move or things change later in life, but they can be helpful for those who know that they will be staying put and your funeral home is the exact one they want to work with.

Accept Burial Insurance

A lot of older adults don’t have a life insurance plan anymore. Without dependent children to care for anymore, the cost doesn’t always make sense. But what many seniors are starting to invest in is burial insurance. This type of insurance is specifically designed to help cover the costs of funeral services and burial costs. By accepting burial insurance, you are not only helping a family to give their loved one the services they deserve, you are also helping yourself by adding an additional type of income to your business.

When a loved one dies, the family already has a lot on their plate. From dealing with the grief of their loss, to going through personal belongings, and organizing affairs, having to deal with the cost of a funeral service can be a real shock, both emotionally and financially. By working with families, however, you can help to make the whole process easier.

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