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Global Knowledge Works Introduces Study Abroad Services

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Global Knowledge Works is India’s leading knowledge services organization founded by Mr. Vivek Gupta and Mr. Kaushal Goyal in 2015. Mr. Vivek Gupta is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and Mr. Kaushal Goyal is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Foreign trade, Delhi. Both of them have worked in some of the most sought after companies in the corporate world such as Coco-Cola, American Express, ICICI and Indusland. They have infused GKWorks with their great work ethic and have made the satisfaction of their customers with quality work and servicetheir priority.

The services provided by GKWorks are:

  1. MBBS abroad consulting
  2. Study and Settle Consulting Services
  3. Skilled Migration
  4. Digital Solutions
  5. Management Consulting
  6. Personal Coaching


MBBS Abroad

In India more than 13 lakh students appear for the medical entrance exam in the hope of studying in the best medical colleges in India. But, not everyone is fortunate enough to make the cut. GKWorks provide the aspirants an alternative route to pursue their dreams instead of giving up on it altogether, that is, MBBS abroad. There are a number of nations which welcome foreign students with open arms to study in their medical institutes. GKWorks facilitates the process of taking admission in another country. The facilities provided by GKWorks entail visa profiling, visa application, one way air ticket from Indira Gandhi International Airport to the destination, travel arrangement from the selected country’s airport to the hostel, biannual progress report to the parents and a lot more.

Study and Settle Abroad and Skilled Migration

Often times, some of the most talented students and professionals seek to avail the facilities of a more developed country than their own country, which may be due to a number of factors. At the same time, there are countries like Canada, Australia,and New Zealand which are in need of skilled people. Some other countries that people choose for skilled migration are Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and Finland. GKWorks makes it possible for the job seekers to obtain a job in their dream country. GKWorks helps the aspirant in selecting the right college and course, in line with their profile and then in the process of obtaining visa as well.



Customized Digital Solution

With the advent of internet the world has seen a wave a radical change in the way we communicate, commute and shop. Besides, the shopping experience has been completely transformed by the e-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart. The businesses which adapted at the right point have gone on to double their profits and those who haven’t,have stagnated or are no longer profitable. GKWorks provides customized digital solutions for all such businesses. As no two businesses are exactly alike, so their digital needs also vary. Keeping the same in mind GKWorks provides Customized Digital Solutions for all kinds of businesses.

Personal and Life Coaching

In order to get admission in any of the top institutes of India, a student needs to appear for entrance exams. It is not easy to make the cut and with the hoard of coaching centers out there students havereduced students to mere profit earning entities. At GKWorks, we believe in mentoring and guiding the students the way they should be- with dedication and honesty. There are no huge batches with fifty or sixty students; rather a more proportionate approach is favored. A student who is willing to take one-to-one classes is always welcome. A testimonial to the authenticity of the personal coaching provided at GKWorks is the founders who have groomed themselves to be at the highs that they have achieved today. Coaching for entrance exams like CAT, GMAT, IAS and job interviews are all offered at GKWorks.

Many a times in life we come across situation where we are rendered incapable of making life-changing decisions. It is in these times of comprehensibility that we need an impartial and unbiased view into our own life to resolve the problems at hand. GKWorks’ founder Mr. Vivek Gupta provides his insight and helps families and individuals to deal with such crises.

Management Consulting

A number of businesses suffer from age old and rigid mindsets. A fresh new way of management is required to revive and breathe life into these businesses. This is where GKWorks comes into the picture, with the years of experience of managing big businesses the founders are very well-equipped to deal with such enterprises. The services included in the management consulting package are designing organization structure, implementing HR processes, planning marketing strategies, financial control, appropriate business strategy and developing well planned online presence.

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