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Great Job Options as a Technician in the Healthcare Sector

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There is a misconception about the healthcare industry which suggests that it is no place for non-physicians. However, technicians are currently undertaking the highest paid jobs in the healthcare sector as their roles and functions are equally important as compared to the doctors and nurses. With the great increase in the requirement for professional healthcare technicians, high wages are being paid to these professionals in the industry. In most cases, technicians are not involved in providing direct care or treatment to patients, but their role is considered to be crucial in order for the healthcare industry to function as a whole.

Here are some of the most important job options as a technician in the healthcare sector – 

Nuclear Medicine Technician

Nuclear Medicine Technologists are required to be experts in state of the art scanners that produce scanned images of various parts of a patient’s body in order to assist in treating several conditions. They are also required to prepare radioactive medications and prescribe them to patients going through the X-rays and other types of scans. The radioactive medications cause atypical parts of the body to seem changed from usual parts in the scanned images.

The projected increase in employment for such technical professionals is said to be over 20% by the year 2020. This will open up a plethora of openings. An associate’s degree is the basic certification required to apply for this post. Higher edification curricula in nuclear medicine technology or similar healthcare arenas can help students acquire a diploma or a bachelor’s degree. These technicians are also required to hold Medical Board cleared licenses in most states.



Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Ever since the various benefits of sonography were discovered, the need for professional Diagnostic Medical Sonographers has heavily increased. The projected increase in the demand for these professionals is expected to hit well over the 30% mark by 2020.

Sonographers are required to be experts at handling sonographic diagnostic imaging equipment. Their key responsibility is to capture data from these scans. This function is highly important as it later gets used by surgeons for diagnosis. In order to get a job as a Certified Sonographer, the candidate must have at least an Associate’s Degree. He should also be trained in an official sonography program, with valid certificate of internship under an experienced professional. The average salary shows a rise every year with every new invention in the field as the mandatory expertise for these professionals also increases.

Surgical Technologist

Surgical technologists are healthcare specialists who work as a part of a group providing surgical care to patients. Average salary for this post, according to leading healthcare websites like Healthcaresalariesguide.Com, is quite lucrative. The job description involves preparing surgery rooms, getting the patient ready for a surgery, assisting doctors during operations and sterilizing medical tools after surgery in an appropriate manner. These technicians have to go through a post-secondary course that specializes in surgical technology.

There are opportunities aplenty in the field of medical technology. Not only are these jobs financially stable, they are crucial to the medical industry in addition to being highly satisfactory as it entails helping people in need.

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