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Gurukulum- The School, Rewari conducted a one day career counselling to guide students about different career options

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Gurukulum- The School, Rewari has always been a pioneer in academics and the school has been an early adopter of all the novel technologies that come for the befit of students. The school believes in providing a holistic environment to the students and bringing joy in their learning. The school has been using technology for many years for the teaching purposes in regular classes. This has proved successful for the students since they can better understand the concepts and can use their learning in their real life. Recently, the school has changed its name from Somany Vidyapeeth to the current one. This has been done to adhere to the values that school has been following since many years. The school still follows an international standard of education while maintaining a balance with Indian roots. The school aims at developing students into responsible citizens who can strongly face all the challenges that come in their lives.


CareerGuide’s team was successful in making the event helpful for the students’s team held the career counselling session organised in the school premises

In the wake of its marketing efforts after changing the school name, the school organized a half day career counselling session in the school for all the admission holders. was invited by the school to hold the session and guide the students towards their bright future. The session took place on 29th January 2017. The session was targeted to all the students from class 6-12th in the school. The students were guided about how they can make use of career counselling for understanding their skills and strengths so that they can select a right career option in future. All the classes except for 10th were given Vocational Career Test. This test helped them to understand the fields they were skilled for. However, it was thought that for 10th class students, the most crucial thing is to determine which stream to choose for secondary level studies. Thus, 10th class students were given Stream Selector Test. This test helped the students to know which career stream could be appropriate for them.

More than 500 students participated in the event and were given individual Career Tests

In the counselling session, more than 500 students participated from different classes. The session was delivered by the coordination and support from CareerGuide team. The counsellors present in the session were Ms. Shilpa, Ms. Maitri, Ms. Pratibha and Mr. Devender Saini. All the career counsellors listened to career questions of the students patiently and answered them in an easy to understand way. Also, students were guided by the counsellors about different career options and how to pursue them. There are more than 500 career options for the students currently and students were encouraged to select the right career after giving much thought to it so as to get the best results out of it.

CareerGuide’s team was successful in making the event helpful for the students

With the support from school, CareerGuide’s team was successful in making the event helpful for the students

The session was a great success. The school teachers also cooperated and worked hard to help all the students present for the event. Apart from career counselling, the students were also given admission counselling for the next session. It was observed that admission counselling works best with career counselling and it garnered great appreciation from the parents as well. The students were of all praise for the event and they agreed that the event helped them to know better about their skills. The Career Test Reports gave individual results and targeted efforts for each student helped them to make their personal decisions instead of taking decisions on general awareness.

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