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Healthcare management will give Gowrang a better insight into his family business, he explored this with his career guide

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Healthcare management will give me a better insight into my family business, I explored this with my career guide

Gowrang Krishna


Gowrang’s Career Query

  • Gowrang dropped out of B-tech after his first year because of his disinterest in the subjects.
  • He was more inclined towards healthcare careers, but as he had not study biology in school and was unsure about how to further, plan his career
  • He came to know about through a friend and decided to approach an expert before taking any decision.

How CareerGuide Helped Him

  • Career Guide suggested him to pursue a career in Healthcare Management which merges healthcare, technology and management education.
  • Further more, he explored information related to course and career pathway with the help of a career guide. Next Gowrang became confident, about a kind of impact he will be able to make in his future career roles and responsibility.
  • Currently, he is in first year of Management course and is also interning at hospital to understand its essential functions.
  • He is looking forward to expand his family’s naturopathy centres at all India level.

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