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A High Flyer? 4 Top Jobs In Aviation

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If you’re one of these people that gets a real buzz from an airport environment, whether it’s when flying off for work or a holiday, then maybe you should think of bagging yourself a career in aviation. There are a variety of different things you could do, ranging from airport customer service to flying a jet! Below are four helpful ideas to get you thinking about your new career path.

Customer service agent

If you want to get the buzz but keep your feet firmly on the ground, then it might be worth exploring opportunities in customer service. There are many different roles available within an airport setting. You could be a meet and greet specialist, guiding passengers around the terminal when they come through the door.

Or, you could look at check-in opportunities, helping travelers on their way by taking their baggage, checking their tickets and identity documents and advising on any relevant issues. This role can be a fast-paced job, seeing lots of customers every day, but, with that, it can also be stressful, particularly if there are problems with flights and you face anger and frustration from passengers.

Aircraft engineer

If you’re technically minded and already have the skills, then you could apply to be an aircraft engineer. It is a demanding job, requiring specialist knowledge of the different mechanics and, in some cases, you will be expected to work quickly to remedy issues that threaten delaying jets and passengers.

If you’re not already trained, have a look at courses available local to you and speak to engineering companies to see if there are any traineeship or experience opportunities available. 

Be a pilot

Becoming a pilot is the dream job for some. Flying around the world using the very latest technology and getting paid to do it. Of course, beyond the glamor, you need to be a skilled specialist with the aptitude, stamina, and fitness to be able to operate aircraft safely.

If you’re thinking about becoming a pilot, have a look at what training courses are available. Commercial licenses don’t come cheap, but, to get you started, you might want to take up flying as a hobby, by studying for a private pilots’ license and then going on to get a private pilot certificate. It is an ideal way to introduce you to flying and will help you to see if it’s something that’s truly for you.


Cabin crew

Taking to the skies doesn’t mean that you have to fly the plane. If you fancy working in aviation, then have a look out for cabin crew opportunities. Being a flight attendant is demanding work, with lots of shift work and lots of passengers to keep happy. But, with the right airline, you may get to travel the world. You will need to go through training before taking to the aisles, often provided in-house by airlines or through external providers. You won’t just be taught about customer services; you will also need to know what to do in an emergency and how to administer first aid among other things.

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