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High Salary Casino Jobs in the Hospitality Sector

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Gambling does not fit into society’s way of thinking wherein people lead their lives by working hard to earn a livelihood. Despite all the criticisms there is no doubt that the gambling industry generates billions of dollars in revenue.


To run such huge operations Casinos hire a number of employees trained in various professions, one of them is the hospitality sector. You may have a strong opinion against gambling but the industry sure has a variety of high paying jobs on offer. Hundreds of jobs are rolled out every so often, more so in the online casino industry nowadays. For instance, there are various online casinos in Canada where you can find ample career opportunities. You can keep checking here for updates on the latest and best ones to join the ranks.


Let’s take a look at some of the positions you can look at in a conventional casino set up:

Director of Operations

This portfolio has a very important role to play in a traditional land-based casino. The Director of Operations (DoO) has some serious responsibilities in a casino. They are required to supervise events such as tournaments and live dealer casinos. It is also their function to supervise the casino staff. Moreover, they are entrusted with looking after casino operations and working out innovative business strategies

This is a very demanding job and hence the candidate looking to apply must be a college graduate. The top class casinos require that anyone seeking a job at their venue has at least ten years worth of experience. On average this position is paid US $ 86,000 annually which can easily rise up to US $ 150,000.

Shift Manager

As the name suggests the Shift Manager is responsible for the smooth functioning of the casino. This includes supervision of the staff on the gaming floor and constantly checking with the customers that they are following the rules of the casino.

The Shift Manager has to be very skillful while talking to the customers and ensure that they do not offend the customer. Hence, a degree in hospitality can hugely increase the chances of getting the job.


Online Casinos: An exciting option for IT graduates

It is very important that you choose your field of work based on your passion. For those programmers, who are also passionate about online casinos, being able to design hundreds of fun games such as online slots, poker, etc. Sounds like a dream job.

Online Casino industry has overtaken the land based casino and research finds that it will keep grow even bigger in the next five years. The penetration rate of mobile phones means that people will want to play their favourite games through mobile apps.

The bottom line is that there will be a huge demand for IT professionals proficient in C++, HTML, and JavaScript for web based games and Java app based games in mobile phones.We are aware of the fact that gambling is frowned upon by society at large and it’s largely because irrationality of betting your money based only on luck. But there are various games in which a high level of skill is required like Poker and Blackjack and the reward is quite handsome too. There are pro players out there who earn a living just by playing these games. The trick to making profit though is in knowing when to stop.


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