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How Can You Become A Microbiologist?

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One promising career to consider nowadays is microbiology. Its study includes the observation of microscopic organisms with the purpose of inventing medicine and treatment, but its scope can be broader than this. In case you are interested in becoming a microbiologist, you will need to follow the right steps to land such a position and start building a career in this field.

What qualifications are needed?

This is the first question for which you need to learn the answer. Depending on the position you want to apply for, different qualifications are required. For instance, for many lab positions as an assistant, you will only need a bachelor’s degree in microbiology.

However, if you intend to work in research, you will need a doctoral degree. There are national organizations that can offer voluntary certification. Remember that you will need plenty of lab experience, and the highest positions will also require you to make proof of postdoctoral work in the field. For more information on the type of equipment you’ll have to work with, you can check

But lab work is just part of the skills you need to have as a microbiologist. You will also need to develop analytical, communication, and mathematical skills, and you should have a natural inclination toward problem-solving. And, of course, you need to know how to use the various equipment found inside a lab.

Choose a university that can cater to the specific area you want to pursue

Microbiologists can be of many different breeds, which is why it is essential that you follow the right courses to land a job in the area you are interested in pursuing. If it is molecular research what you are after, the university you want to enroll in should be able to provide courses that cater to this particular aspect of microbiology.

Not all the jobs you can land are in a laboratory

While the moment you think about microbiology, you see people in white manipulating sample trays, not all the posts a microbiologist can do will have him or her stuck inside a lab. For instance, there are positions on the business side of various industries that need microbiology scientists that you can apply for.

Of course, further education and qualifications may be needed, but the most critical aspect is that you won’t be forced to work in a lab.

Quality control is essential for microbiology scientists

One thing you should never forget when you work in a microbiology-related field is that quality control is of the utmost importance. At every step of your research or test, you should apply quality control, to make sure that unforeseen factors modify the results you will get.

Know the rules and regulations

Microbiology is a discipline with a high impact on people’s lives, which is why the authorities in charge have a series of clear rules and regulations that any scientist must know and abide by. Make sure that you educate yourself in this area, too, so that you can become the professional you want to be.

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