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How Krishan converted his hobby into a full-time career option

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We all think that our hobby and career ae two different things. We are always advised that hobby is only for passing time and should be done in spare time. For career, we are given a list of serious options which result mostly in a corporate job with a fixed month salary. Most of the parents and teachers advise for this thinking that a serious job will provide stability and regular salary to their child and will result in their prosperous life. However, they forget that stability does not come with money or a corporate job but through internal satisfaction of the child about what he is doing. A similar story happened with Krishan. He was doing only fine in his studies ad he was advised by everybody around him to pursue his graduation in a field which can provide him a secured job.

Career Guidance changed My hobby into a career

Krishan Kumar

21 yr

Krishan’s Career Query

  • Krishan did his correspondence graduation, and had hobbies in photography and creative writing.
  • He wanted to explore more creative careers that would enhance his artistic abilities. However, he was unsure about his future prospects in the industry.
  • Krishan then came to for help, as recommended by a friend.

How CareerGuide Helped Him

  • By doing the Ideal Career Test, Krishan found that careers in the Media and Writing sector matched his creative compulsions.
  • The career expert suggested Krishan to go for the skill-based journalism & writing course that would build up his employment opportunities. Furthermore, details about courses and future prospects were also provided to him.

Krishan was great in photography and writing, but everyone told him that these were not a career option.

Krishan was much interested in creative field and was a great photographer and writer. He used to consider his skills as his hobby. After reading about the some of the success stories in the field of photography, Krishan thought of taking his hobby seriously and doing it as a full time work. However, he was unsure of the adversities that might come in his path and also he was unaware of the scope of the field in the country. He wanted to enhance his artistic capabilities but did not know the scope of the field. He was ready to pursue studies in this field but he had no direction.

Krishan’s Ideal Career Test revealed his inclination towards creative fields

On being advised by one of his friends, he came to know about for some career help. He first discussed his problem with a career counsellor and was advised to take an Ideal Career Test. His test results revealed that he had inclination towards career in the media and writing sector. This was completely true as was expected by him and the career counsellor who discussed his problem with him. On further discussing his aims and aspirations, he was advised by the career counsellor to go for a skill based journalism and writing course which would help him in honing his skills. He was further advised about the career opportunities and scope of the field in India and abroad.

Krishan set his foot on journalism and writing and put his hard work into it

Taking the advice from, he enrolled into a course based in journalism and writing. With great passion and dedication, he continued his career in this creative field and explored his talents. This gave him a chance to find out his passion and aim. This one step gave him a direction in his life. Currently, he is pursuing his graduation and alongside he has written several blogs which have been published in popular websites. He aspires to be a content manager which are in much demand these days and is practicing hard to excel in this field and make a big name.

Many of students like Krishan are made to study the career options which are not suitable to them. Often times, parents and teachers also suggest the unsuitable career due to unawareness of career options such as photography. In the country, there is still a need to address the scope of these hobby careers.

Still Confused ? Try our Ideal Career Test to find your best career option.

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