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How to Prepare Yourself for the 2020 Job Boom

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With the employment market growing fast, experts are predicting a big economic and job boom in 2020. Corporations are already gearing up for big expansions and are gradually opening new positions to potential candidates as we speak.

The prediction means there is no better time to improve yourself, pursue a master’s degree, and take other steps to be more qualified as candidates than today. Before you do, however, here are some of the things to consider if you want to prepare for the 2020 job boom.

How to Prepare Yourself for the 2020 Job Boom

Potential Fields

Some fields are naturally more appealing than the others. Those working in certain fields can expect better rewards, better challenges at work, and brighter career paths. These fields are usually fields that tie well with business workflows, although some of them are unique in their own rights.

The fields of bioengineering and molecular biology, for example, are some of the fastest-growing fields today. Medical research companies and other corporations are recruiting the best engineers and experts in these fields for various purposes.

There are even programs designed to help experts and support research facilities in working together on common problems. The EMBO fellowship is a good example of a fellowship program that provides stipend, covers travel expenses, and offers part-time work for the recipients.

Starting Early

As mentioned earlier, the best way to prepare for the boom is by improving yourself. While there will be more jobs and key roles to fill, there will also be more candidates with better qualifications trying to fill those roles. To remain competitive, you need to start taking steps today.

Going back to school and pursuing a graduate degree are worth considering. Online courses and the wealth of programs to choose from make pursuing a degree of your choice easier and more affordable at the same time.

There are also short courses, research programs, and other ways to earn more qualifications in a particular field. Don’t forget to consider doing your own research and publishing a detailed paper on specific topics; this will earn you the recognition you need to succeed.

Skill-Intensive Jobs

Another thing to note about the predicted 2020 job boom is the fact that only skill-intensive, knowledge-intensive jobs are safe. Most of the low-skill positions are slowly being replaced by the use of robotics. It is a challenge that many will have to face, but a challenge that brings with it plenty of opportunities.

A growth in demand for robotic solutions means there are big opportunities in this field. That same shift also brings opportunities for strategic planners, better data analysts, and research specialists in related fields. This same pattern can be seen with other trends in the job market.

So, are you ready for the rapid increase in demand for experts in multiple fields? Start preparing yourself for the boom, take the necessary steps to add more items to your qualifications, and be an expert in a specific field today. By the time you are done, you’ll have a lot more opportunities to explore.



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