Career Guidance stopped Sreeraj from becoming college drop out

Sreeraj’s Career Dilemma

  •  Sreeraj was pursing BSC in Nautical sciences it was in second year of this course when the confusion of dropping out crawled up in his mind .
  •  Mixed advises around him where de-motivating him for choosing non popular course ,instead he was told to go for courses
  •  In midst of all this clutter he decided to approach CareerGuide about which he found out while searching online

How CareerGuide Helped Him

  • Psychometric assessment highlighted his skills which gave him a confidence that he is in right field.
  •  Guidance session helped him in understanding the scope of his course He was told about the career development in navy and shipping sector
  • Career Expert guided him towards completion of BSC in nautical sciences and afterwards applying for such jobs.
  •  Sreeraj scored distinction in Bsc currently he is a navigating officer in Merchant Navy ;looking forward to go long way in this sector.

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