Career Expert provided Prithvi with career mapping towards future with Economics

Career Expert provided Me with career mapping towards future with Economics Today I am a economics student

Prithvi Reddy

Economics Student

Prithvi ’s Career Dilemma

  •  Prithvi’s career confusion started after 12th He did not want to continue with science stream anymore
  •  He economics as a career in mind but was unaware and not confident about the career options .
  •  In mid of all these confusion he decided to go for a professional help and came across CareerGuide while searching online

How CareerGuide Helped Him

  •  Career Expert took Prithvi through career exploration where he was told about career opportunities with economics comparing it with other careers. He was given factual information on job outlook, career development, Pay scale, courses to be studied and admission process.
  •  With concrete information and career progression details Prithivi was clear and confident of pursuing Economics.
  •  Prithvi is presently pursuing Bachelors of Economics from University of British Columbia, Canada . He is active with industrial sessions and expert talks, looking forward to start working with pioneers.

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