Career guidance made Jeesha’s father understand the value of her dream to be a fashion designer

Career guidance made father understand the value of My dream to be a fashion designer

Jeesha Chowdhary

Jeesha’s Career Dilemma

  •  Jeesha has always been interested in Fashion and Media, but she had a difficult time convincing her father
  • She studied commerce in 12th because of her father’s wishes; but she wasn’t interested in those subjects to pursue them further.After her school, she decided to pursue her interest in fashion
  • She along with her father approached for professional guidance, through classified.

How CareerGuide Helped Her.

  • Designing was her highlighted career preferences in the Ideal Career Report. Career Guide discussed the possibility of her having a successful future in the fashion design industry
  • Interest and skill underlined clearly proved that she will perform well in her chosen career.
  •  Jeesha has been accepted into the Asia School of Media studies in fashion designing course. She and her father are both completely convinced with her choice.
  •  She is thriving on her journey of becoming a fashion designer. She is also a winner of fashion projects and fashion shows, which were judged by external jury. .

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