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In a fix about career? Know how to execute

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Choosing a career is a herculean task for all the novice student. After passing matriculation exams, choosing stream in secondary level is the first step towards the career. Choosing graduation and post- graduation subjects again lead us in a fix. After completion of the studies, there comes a turn for job hunting.In the modern era, due to cut-throat competition, it’s a difficult task to get the job. Choosing a career and getting a head start is the base for future success. Here are the points that can help you keep afloat.


The first thing you have to do is to analyze yourself. Be clear about your skills, personality type, education background, interest of work, motives and efficiency. If you have aplomb only then you can convince employers for giving you the job. If you are doubtful about your own skills and can’t define yourself, the lack of confidence in you will clearly be visible to the experts. It will be hard for them to trust that you are capable of achieving the targets. Why an unknown person will hire and give money if he is not convinced that hiring you is profitable. An employer will have his expectations in the ratio of 4:1, if he is giving you 10k then he is expecting the business of atleast 40k from you.

Know how to execute your career

Indulge according to your interests:

Indulge in the work which interests you.Try to gain experiences as much as you can and build a social network to avoid individual biases.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work” ~Aristotle 

It is a practical thing that if you take advice from several people, everyone will suggest you according to their own experience, interests. If you go in any field without knowledge of it then it will put your morale down in the long run.

Research for better options:

Ask the career counselors about the pros and cons of various fields and get through knowledge about it. Moreover, your research will give you better options. You should prefer value learning rather than running behind money and fame to get a kick start.

You can improve your knowledge through books and internet. You will get all types of reviews from personal experiences of various employees working in different companies, companies working policy, salary they are providing, for how long you can work with the client, what challenges you can face there.

Make strategies:

Set your goals first and make a strategy for achieving them.  Choose the field that you are capable in to get desired results.Don’t get hesitated to work even with small entrepreneurs for the inception of your career. Some can even give you prolific exposure.

The basic necessity for a career is to get a kick-start. Try to gain knowledge, skills and experience from every opportunity.It may be possible that after working 3-4 years in a company you will realize that it’s not helping you in achieving your goals and job hunt starts again. If you are having an opportunity to work even in a small company then go ahead, it may give you a quick start and open various doors for your future betterment.Many successful professionals are also joined small scale companies at their starting career for self-improvement.Experience is required in every field and for gaining experiences many times you have to work hard even without emoluments.

Be cognizant:

Always be aware of the difference between spam and actual job. Read carefully about all the terms and conditions before signing any project. Some agencies can misuse your profile for networking. Know complete facts about any agency. Listen to your self-drive and avoid costly mistakes. Always be open to take suggestions from the seasoned persons.

Keep practicing:

Rectify yourself and keep practicing. Pay attention towards your weak and strong points and prepare yourself for growth.  Don’t prepare at eleventh hour for interview. Keep yourself well updated and be prepared beforehand.

“Once you stop learning, you start dying” ~ Albert Einstein

 Practice makes a man perfect. The more you gain knowledge in any field, the more you get skilled. Many institutes are there which are providing various courses according to your skill requirements. IT students can join various language courses like C++, Java, Oracle, Mysql, PHP, CSS,HTML,Word press etc. Those who are aiming at teaching level may join B.ed, PGT, NTT, TET, TGTcourses. Those who are from accounting stream can join TALLY, Book Keeping, MIM, Taxation and many more. All these are short term courses and some affiliated centers are also providing job-placement during or after completion of the course.

Never give up:

Never underestimate yourself. Impediments will always bring the best in you. Be an optimist and believe in hard work. According to the new psychology of success, it shows that IQs are not fixed. Hard work and strong determination will surely improve your intelligence.There will be times when you might feel that it’s all over and may you feel like giving up. Don’t let this feeling creep deep into yourself as it will only breach your confidence, career and dreams. You should come out rather of your failure ora successful learner.

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