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Instant solutions to your career queries in detail step by step

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Do you have doubts about your study, questions about study switch or questions concerning career matters or career advice? If you are confused and struggling with questions as to which career to choose, then a professional career expert/counsellor can come to your rescue. These career counsellors/experts are ones who specialize in their field and deal with few hundred confused individuals who are at cross roads of their careers.  They ensure students and young professionals to keep themselves updated from various sources and provide suggestions and best guidance with their expert advice.

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Many career websites today offer a wide range of career tips and job search articles providing you with all answers to your career doubts. They conduct Psychometric assessments or career tests, which are standard scientific tests that measure individual’s mental capabilities, cognitive abilities & behavioral style. These tests are designed to measure your affinity for a course, stream or role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude for the same. These psychometric tests are designed specially to answer to your career related questions. Whatever stage you’re at in your career planning process, the career experts help with a wide range of queries through the confidential and impartial one-to-one appointments. After assessing your skills, a discussion in-person is carried out in about career options within the areas of your expertise and interest.


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You are then provided with details like future prospects in the areas of your interest, career courses available and admission procedure in an extensive manner. They handle any questions or queries about jobs, careers, learning or training.  You can ask questions related to topics like – job search, interviewing, career management, dilemmas, social skills, career change, decision making and work-life balance. My goal is to deliver concise and practical advice that is immediately applicable.”

They address various issues like:

  • Making decisions about life after high school/ college by taking assessment tests that would help you know your own interests, values and skills
  • Exploring options related to your qualified degree
  • What’s the best career/job search strategy for me?
  • How to make most of my strengths and improve on my weaknesses?
  • How should I use my time productively among networking, informational interviews, and applying for jobs?
  • What are the strategies that have proven effective for others who were in my situation?
  • How does my resume look?
  • What are all the available resources accessible to me?
  • Planning your next steps to get where you want to be
  • Ways to gain skills or work experience to achieve long term career goals
  • How to make most of your qualifications/degree
  • What to expect at job interviews
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Even if you are already aware of what career path you are choosing or the job you like to pursue, but would like advice on how to improve your chances of maximising the process, a team of career experts can help you by answering all questions you have and may even help you with preparing a CV, covering letter, filling the answers to questions on an application form. They can always give you tips and advices on how to improve it where required and can address all your frequently asked career related questions. Almost always your meeting with your career counsellor will get you answers to all of these questions.

You don’t have to have prepare every question planned out before you discuss your career plans with a counsellor, but you will need to make sure you think about what you’re basically trying to achieve. It helps to jot some thoughts down and analyse them and modify them over a period of a few days or weeks and watch your questions take shape.

So, if you are struggling with questions related to your career —from how to take your immediate career step to where you want to be in future —career counselling could be very helpful in shaping your career. Career counsellors won’t search jobs for you for you, or tell you what you should or shouldn’t be going for. They will take a good look at who you are then identify the jobs that match your personality after assessing your abilities and interests (through tests and discussions).

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Search for a professional who is expert in this field of career counselling and take tests which are scientifically proven effective and created by experts.  Do not be under the false notion that a counsellor who answers all your queries can also magically fix your career woes immediately. Be realistic in your expectations and spend dedicated time to this project of asking ‘valid career questions’.  A good career counsellor will often dedicate themselves to each client to ensure a thorough and satisfactory result. An active team of reliable career experts will endow you with the self-awareness, encouragement, advice and take your career to the next level.  So ask all your career questions and maximize your career and job-search knowledge and skills. Take advantage of websites that offer expert advises, help you to locate articles, provide you with tutorials, quizzes, and worksheets in college/career/job-hunt areas.


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