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JEE Advanced 2018 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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It is the dream of each IIT JEE aspirant to learn at the IIT which is thought to be the finest specialized organization in India and hold premium position overall as well. To succeed, one must make arrangement at a very early stage, set up an effective plan of action and above all hold fast to that arrangement to have the capacity to get nearer the objective. Students enroll themselves into IIT JEE coaching centre to crack JEE entrance exams. It is available in the online format as well. However, neither self-study nor IIT JEE coaching can guarantee 100% success. Your ability to crack JEE is predicted upon your level of preparedness. If you are an IIT aspirant and looking to take IIT JEE entrance, here are few important points which should not be missed:


JEE Advanced 2018 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • I have Class XII pass declaration and the mark sheet as different documents. Which are the documents that I should submit for JEE Advanced, 2018?

Answer: You need to submit Pass Certificate.

  • I had appeared in Class XII examination in the year 2017. Can I appear for JEE Advanced, 2018 without having to upload 12th certificates?

Answer: You don’t have to upload any certificate of 12th standard then.

  • Would I be able to get the inquiry paper in Hindi dialect?

Answer: You can choose either of the two; English or Hindi. Make the selection while submitting the registration form.

  • Will I get question papers in English as well as Hindi?

Answer: You would get question paper only in one medium

  • Will the inquiry paper be in English and Hindi too?

Answer: No

  • Is it mandatory to appear in Paper I and Paper II, JEE Advanced, 2018 obligatory?

Answer: Yes, both papers are obligatory. Absence in any one paper would mark you absent for both the papers.

  • Is JEE Advanced, 2018 open for PIO as well as OCI card holders?

Answer: Yes it is.

  • Is it possible for OCI card holders and PIO to qualify for JEE Advanced, 2018 without even appearing for JEE (MAIN)?

Answer: No, this option is open only to foreign candidates.

  • Does the filling form formalities of JEE Mains Advanced, 2018 require my mobile number?

Answer: Yes, at least one valid number needs to be provided. You can provide up to two mobile numbers.

  • Name the step in JEE Advanced, 2018 when I need to submit my documents?

Answer: Step 2 (after the online registration)

  • Which is the step to pay the enrollment fee during the application form submission for JEE Advanced, 2018?

Answer: Step 3 (after the documents have been uploaded)

  • Is credit card accepted as a mode of payment to pay the enrollment expense for JEE (Advanced) 2018?

Answer: Credit card payment is not accepted. The fee can be paid via internet banking, debit card or SBI Challan.

  • Can I wait for the last date to fill the form to appear in JEE Advanced, 2018?

Answer: You sure can; however, doing things meticulously with more time can save you from any potential damage.

  • Up to which step would I be able to pay the fee without having to bear the late expense for enrolling for JEE (Advanced) 2018?

Answer: You will be paying the normal fee provided you complete step 2 by May 2, 2018.

  • If I made a mistake in mentioning my category, would I be able to amend it?

Answer: Category once submitted is not subject to change.

  • I have written my JEE Main, Paper II. Can I appear for Architecture Aptitude Test or (AAT) without having appeared JEE Advanced, 2018?

Answer: There is absolutely no connection between AAT and JEE Main paper II. In order to write AAT one has to crack JEE advanced.

  • How do I avail reservation advantage under OBC (NCL) classification in JEE (Advanced) 2017?

Answer: Only if you fall under Non-creamy layer, you can avail reservation. Otherwise you should not click on OBC as your category.

  • I have pronounced my classification as OBC-NCL amid JEE (Main) 2017 enlistment. I don’t have a legitimate NCL accreditation. Would I be able to submit an NCL CERTIFICATE issued before 01-April – 2018?

Answer: A certificate of an NCL in  the prescribed format that will be issued either on or after April 1, 2018, is valid and is deemed acceptable.

  • I have the certificate of OBC-non creamy layer which was issued by the State Govt. in their format. Can I avail the benefits of OBC-NCL?

Answer: Only an NCL certificate issued as per the format given by Central Govt. is accepted.

  • I am unable to submit the certificate of OBC-NCL during enlistment. Kindly advise on what should be done?

Answer: In such event, you can submit a self-affirmation assuring of adhering to do as such by fifth of June 2018 (approximately one more month).

  • I have proclaimed my class as OBC-NCL while enrolling for JEE (Main) 2018 enrollment. Be that as it may, I don’t fall under Non-Creamy Layer (NCL). Would i be able to enroll for JEE (Advanced) 2018?

Answer: Yes, you can enlist by pronouncing that you don’t fall under OBC (NCL) in case the score of JEE Main, 2017 is over the general classification cut-off. If your JEE Main, 2017 score is underneath the declared cut off of the general class, you won’t be qualified for JEE Advanced, 2017.

  • If I am not able to submit the OBC (Non-Creamy Layer) certificate by fifth June, Can I submit it at Reporting?

Answer: No, your result was based on your category declaration, if you cannot present your certificate by 5th June, you will fall under the general category.

  • If I accept one seat through JoSAA, 2017, am I qualified for JEE Advanced, 2018?

Answer: If that seat was for IIT, you won’t be qualified for JEE Advanced, 2018.

  • I have enrolled myself into an NIT in the year 2017. Am I qualified for JEE (Advanced) 2018?

Answer: Yes, provided other eligibility criteria is fulfilled..

  • My 12th standard exam is in 2018 and I am appearing in it for the first time. If I don’t crack JEE ADVANCED, 2018, am I qualified for JEE ADVANCED in 2019 and in 2020?

Answer: As per current rules, you can only appear for JEE ADVANCED 2018 and 2019.

  • Amid examination would I be able to adjust my answers bubbling ORS once?

Answer: Candidates cannot modify answers.

  • If I don’t appear in one paper, will my result be declared?

Answer: It is obligatory to appear in both papers, absenteeism in one paper would disqualify you.

  • Is it mandatory to give fingerprints to show up in JEE Advanced, 2018?

Answer: Yes, this being an important procedure would be required even during seat allocation.

  • Is there any clothing regulation to show up in JEE (Advanced) 2018?

Answer: It is advisable to not wear any accessories like bangles, chain, etc.


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