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JEE Main 2018: Preparation Strategy by Experts

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Cracking the all-important JEE Mains is not merely a piece of cake as it involves a lot of hard work, but I believe smart work combined with hard work is a deadly combination and the preparation strategy along with a good knowledge base can work out wonders for you.

CBSE hosted paper, no doubt holds high importance as it is a flagship examination leading to allocation of seats in the Engineering Colleges like the IIT’s, NIT’s, IITIT’s etc.

On noting all the points from experts, their personal opinion (shared later), it is important to gain an in-depth understanding of the Exam Pattern, Syllabus, and Important Topics.

JEE Main 2018 will consist of questions from Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics, will be of 3 hours duration with a total of 90 questions, each of 4 marks equaling a total of 360 marks. It will be conducted in two separate modes – Offline (Pen and Paper Based Examination) mode and Online (Computer Based Test) mode.

As far as the syllabus goes, JEE entrance examination will include class 11 & 12 syllabi only, which means no out of syllabus questions or degree level questions will be asked in the examination. All of the chapters you study from 11th till 12th are covered in the JEE entrance examination.


JEE Main 2018: Preparation Strategy by Experts

Let’s Begin!!

JEE Main Toppers Reveal

Sankalp Gaur, JEE Mains 2015 (AIR1)

The IIT sensation who later joined IIT Bombay and is currently pursuing Electrical Engineering was excited to share his thoughts to help all.

The strategy he followed for JEE Main was a beautiful example of an action plan devised based on your strength, as he attempted the easiest section i.e. Chemistry first, with the next choice being Physics as it was his strong suit and at last solved the Mathematics section. He studied for 6 hours (self-study) and 3 hours (in-addition) at coaching classes every day.

Sankalp spoke highly about the importance of the NCERT books as he believes in understanding each concept in depth as he believes that a candidate must have the adequate conceptual knowledge to be aware of his strength and weaknesses.

Shivam Annapurne, JEE Mains 2015 (AIR 1787)

Shivam used his coaching study material & stuck to basics. He strongly believes in the importance of the NCERT books. He also shares that students during their preparation feel Time Management as one of the biggest issues as you might be burdened with homework, revision, exam dates, weekly targets and what not! He believes having a deadline for every goal can actually help you out immensely!

Another thing he urged to all you is to clarify all your doubts, as he shared his experience of keeping his doubts to himself and later was hit hard because of that. Thus, it is very important to clear all of your doubts. He shared that he created an action plan for himself that helped him to know what topics he is good at and thus studying smartly, and choosing the right topics according to time.

The IITian was even holding some tricks up his sleeves, which he shared like in Mathematics, he used graphs to find the number of solutions to two equations, or to find the range, use of Dimensional Analysis of Options in Physics, just to do a dimensional check of the question.

Few Pointers Which Distinguish Toppers

  • The Mind Works Faster: Try to do as many calculations in your mind. Writing it on paper takes time. Eventually, you will solve easy questions without touching your pen. This will save a lot of your time.
  • Quality Matters: Instead of just sitting on a chair for hours with books, study smartly. Putting your 100% in just one hour is way better than those 4-5 hours.
  • Reward Yourself: Take breaks, relax. If you complete your tasks within time reward yourself by playing, listening music. This will keep you focused.
  • Simulated practice: One must take enough mock practice to have all the skills required during the examination like speed, exam practice, and temperament. Exam readiness needs to be honed through timed rehearsals and practice, even maintaining concentration and stamina for a long time is very important and not having the same leads to mistakes and loss of marks.
  • Lack of computer-based practice: Computer-based tests can make students anxious if there is a temporary failure in network or computer browser or other hardware. Thus, students are required to do ample practice in advance and hold their nerves in such contingencies, students should realize that these tests are foolproof and no loss score or marks occur. But, if students get nervous, they are likely to commit mistakes.

Whatever be the case, you can crack JEE Mains Exam with or without coaching, but you can’t crack JEE Mains without studying. I sincerely hope you got some idea and insight into how the successful people worked their way to the top and that you have the right idea in your mind right now to execute.



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