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How To Keep Learning Alive During The Summer Holidays

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Learning Alive During The Holidays


Sweet summer holidays. We all love them and look forward to them. Especially those of us who are still studying. Those precious months of lazy summer holidays days, hanging out with friends, picnics and careless times. However, most of us familiar with the effect best described as the “learning gap,” when after a long time of  summer holidays rest and leisure you are coming back to studies and, well, have some troubles, to say the least. It is as everything was whipped out from your brain and despite the previous extensive learning of the subject, it seems like now you know nothing. Surely, this gap is not beneficial at all and might actually affect your further studies. That’s why you need to follow our guide on some of the summer learning activities that will help you stay tuned and keep the previous knowledge together without it falling apart after all that summer fun. Trust us, it is easy, not tiring at all and will not affect your overall joyful holiday mood. Keep your balance and see our advice on how to keep your knowledge alive during long vacations.

Keep yourself busy

Well, one of the main reasons people tend to forget something is lack of practice. It is especially applicable if the knowledge is fresh and isn’t backed up by years of usage or application. So the best thing you could do to prevent it is actually exercising your skills. Of course, it all depends on what kind of skill are we talking about. If it is math – do simple bill manipulations, count the groceries, offer your counting services to friends. If we are talking about writing, start a diary, do a daily writing challenge, or simply write essays about some exciting summer experiences. If you are not a fan of writing, go to the best essay writing service and focus on something else instead. If you are learning languages – watch a movie in a language of interest, even an occasional YouTube video could help! Just bear in mind that you need to keep constant access to the subject of your interest. Thankfully, there are numerous educational websites that can be incorporated into your summer schedule, bringing fun, yet useful content into your daily routine.


Go to a club

A club is always a good idea. Maybe not the traditional club with music and a bunch of dancing people, but rather the club of interests where you can keep your learning alive and thriving. There are a lot of advertisings on online college boards, and people would gladly hang out while sharing some knowledge and their learning passion. There are also many teaching resources where you can exchange particular sets of skills with another person. For instance, someone wants to advance their Spanish language, and you need to learn more from the Physics department. You can tutor each other, and both gain some benefit from it. It is also not a bad way to fill in the gaps you might have with the regular program, just point out some specifics and learn more about them!

Stay online

Thank God we have the Internet! While it might be a source of the great distraction, we propose to use its powers for our own good. Because aside from the numerous learning platforms and courses, there are some online summer schools designed specifically to prevent this so-called holiday learning gap. If you are a fan of the more traditional approach to learning, this is a perfect option for you. Just find a website that has the subject in question and follow the course. It is not time-consuming, you can even do it while laying on the beach! The only thing you will need for sure is a wi-fi connection and a willingness to learn.



Read books

While this must look like typical advice, it actually goes much deeper than a simple suggestion and might be of great help. Pick a list of the literature that might be of some use for you and, well, read it. It would be even better if you check the program for next semester, or ask some peers and try to get acquainted with it beforehand. By the way, all of tricks and tricks in this article might be used on college students, as well as on kids. The key is in applying a different level of knowledge and a bit of a gaming element where needed. Some college people like to play too, keep that in mind. Anyway, if you want your child to be on the level after the summer break, try introducing summer bridge books to him or to her. It is a great way to refresh memory on the recently learned subjects, the books also come in editions according to the grades people are in.


Check the school schedule

Almost every educational establishment have some summer school activities. It is your duty to check them out and join from time to time, as they can have pretty nice ones to keep your on track for the upcoming studying year. It might be a trivia night or a lecture of some kind, but any additional brain riddle will not hurt during the long summer days. And it also could be a nice way to make new friends.

Overall, we must say that the essential thing you can do for your brain and learning during the holidays is to exercise it. Just like any other body part, our brain needs constant use and practice in order to be proactive and efficient. So arm oneself with this knowledge and spend your summer wisely, fill it not only with fun and leisure but also with some useful activities that will spare you a great deal of stress upon the arrival of a  new studying year.



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