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Know the tool for strategically planning an MBA application essay

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Applying for MBA? Know that the business school admission committee is not just interested in your GPA or your GMAT score, they also want to know what kind of person you are and why should you be selected for the particular program and your application essay is meant to just do that; convey what you are.

Your MBA application is the picture that the committee will see and judge you based on that, apart from the marks and all. It to be crisp and informative and the thread that ties your entire application in a way that the committee is able to see you for what you are.

An MBA application essay should be planned and well-thought of. Keep in mind these points that will make the best first impression on the selectors.


MBA Essay
  • Go the off-beat way

Written essays are soon becoming a thing of the past. In order to get noticed go the off-the-beaten track and think innovative when you are thinking of submitting your essay. Videos and other multimedia formats are unique ways of getting the selectors to notice you without having to read pages and pages to know why they should select you.

  • Let them know your strengths

Selectors like to know why they should admit you into the institution, based onhow you project yourself through your essay. This is the opportunity for you to highlight your best points and your strengths. Focusonly that; don’t go on an ego trip and keep telling them that you are the best and number one. This will put them off and reject your application in a swipe. Adding a few points that make you stand out doesn’t hurt.

  • Show them the real you

Writing an essay only to impress might get you the admission but also might shatter the reputation you have created through your essay. Thus, it is better to be real and original and also to show them you are human, add your feelings, ideologies, beliefs, and vulnerabilities.

  • Be concise, yet precise

In order to get the best essay, keep your essay concise. Blabbering in your essay, adding meaningless and non-answering contents will make you essay look like a deliberate effort and also look like you are trying too hard. It is important to be concise at the same time, being precise when putting together your application essay.

  • Using too many jargons and ambiguous words

You want to sound smart in your essay but you don’t have to come across as one who is just trying to appear too smart. Using too many industrial jargons or ambiguous words will do just that.

  • Check for grammatical errors and typos

An essay full of flaws and errors is a great put-off for anyone. Make sure to check your essay for any errors and mistakes, proper wordings and typos repeatedly to make them perfect.

Your MBA application essay should tell the selectors about your aims and aspirations and also what your plans and dreams are.

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Author Bio: Ruchi Gupta is an educational administrative officer and has an in depth know how on the strategic planning needed to do MBA. The writer loves to blog for passion.



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