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Manavin Chaudhary – English teacher talks about the career opportunities

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The world is changing, more than ever before. With the advent of new technologies, new career opportunities have been created in the last few years. If we talk about India alone, there has been a huge rise in the availability of the jobs – the jobs which never existed before.

Manavin Chaudhary – who is an English teacher at Mody School, Jaipur – shared her views with CareerGuide on how important it is to explore these careers.

According to Manavin Chaudhary, there are vast career opportunities available today. If we make our students aware of all that information, guide them at right stages we will definitely ensure a bright future for them. There should not be any barrier to our students’ career because of lack of right resources and right information. The need of career guidance to the students of all age groups is quite important- she adds.

Let’s take a look at the new job opportunities available based on your interests:

New Job Opportunities if you want to – Work with people: Welfare rights adviser, Health visitor, Store demonstrator, Museum education officer, Volunteer organizer.

New Job Opportunities if you want to -Work with your hands: Jewelry maker, Model maker, Dog groomer, Theater props maker.

New Job Opportunities if you want to – Work outdoors: Animal care assistant, Ecologist, Quantity surveyor.

New Job Opportunities if you want to – Travel as part of your job – Travel representative, Oceanographer, Interpreter, Insurance risk assessor.

New Job Opportunities if you want to – Do something creative – Sculptor, Photographic stylist, Art gallery curator, Dress designer.

New Job Opportunities if you want to – Work for yourself – Desktop publisher, Translation work, Market researcher, Yoga teacher, specialist catering.

In a world full of opportunities, our students shouldn’t be missing out on them. CareerGuide has already listed around 1500 career options which are currently available in India, yet more people are interested in only handful of them. Equally important is the guidance at right stages so that students can share their interests and make a right decision about their career.

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