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Mody School, a girls school takes the first step towards their career

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Mody School, an all girls residential school, at Lakshmangarh is a CBSE based school. Being a girls school, the principal Ms. Meeta Sharma being a woman herself, believes in the founders message that girls are nowhere behind, they just need the right direction towards shaping their life. With this thinking the school has an inclusive setup headed by trained counselors and psychologist and special educator, apart from extra curricular activities like Art and culture, culinary and other activities.

The authorities make sure that their students are made to participate in all activities and stress on learning from the horses mouth, ie, through professionals from related field. Being a residential school, girls being homesick, the counselor plays the role of a guide and helps students deal with their emotional, mental and other issues. One such issue the counselor faces regularly is How does one choose a career?, How suitable are we towards a career? Though the counselor does address such questions, but felt that expert advise is a must. And hence the career guide team was approached. To know more about the school, check:

Career guide, an expert in the field of career counseling both online and offline came into existence to help students who are confused and needs guidance from experts.The team is headed by well trained counselors and is founded by Ms. Surabhi Dewra.

Other than answering students queries, they are also into Psychometric testing and guiding students accordingly. To know more about career guide, check:

The school authorities in sync with career guide, decided to make the career session an interesting one for students. It was decided to conduct the sessions for 2 batches, comprising of students from class 9th and 10th. The sessions would cater to the different needs of the students and hence it was decided to conduct a 3 days long session, which was divided into:

Day 1: An Interactive session focusing on Motivating students towards choosing the right career

Day 2: Administering the Psychometric Assessment

Day 3: One on one Counseling session with the detailed report with students and parents


Day 1: An Interactive session focusing on Motivating students towards choosing the right career

Choosing a career must be based on ones potentials or strengths and likes as well as interest. These factors are common to all students irrespective of their school board, grades etc. Keeping this in mind, the interactive session was based on factors that “motivate students to choose a career”. The interactive session was conducted for both the classes, but looking at the huge number, the classes were separated beginning with the 9th and ended with the 10th class student.

Though the students were into various activities and studies were a part of their overall development. Choosing the right career needs proper guidance and motivation, especially from personalities who have made a name for themselves. Thus career guide decided to conduct the motivational seminar for the girls but in a different manner. Instead of citing examples of well known faces, the team decided to use themselves as role models. The main focus of the session was helping the girls realize that knowing ones own strengths was the key to success.

The session opener was none other than a woman entrepreneur herself, Ms. Surabhi Dewra. Who else could be a live example to students that if a woman knows her caliber and follows it strictly to the core, can make a name for herself. Being a well qualified lady a management graduate, she realized her inner call was to make it big in the education industry. With this in mind, she founded Career Guide, a unique setup to help students. She was well supported by like minded people and her vision was to form a team with experts but from various fields who had a similar vision and were ready to work towards it. With this thought in mind, she encourages people from diverse fields and stresses on continuous learning.

Another member of the team with a similar vision, who set an example for the students was Vikram Soni. Vikram is a Graduate and post graduate from the field of banking and if qualification is to be followed, could make it big in the field of banking or finance. But he chose the field of education and decided to make it big as a career counselor. His patience, perseverance and continuous learning made him successful in this field, and he now has been guiding and motivating students from past 12 years. Since he decided to follow his potentials, he won accolades for it and has been awarded Best counselor 2016.

Last but not the least is our counselor itself Kritika Kashyap. Kritika who is a qualified counselor, could have made it big in the field of counseling by joining hospitals and could have gone easy. But her vision was to counsel students into choosing the right career by knowing their potentials. Thus she got involved into the field of career counseling and has been actively involved in conducting career related workshops in many schools and her hallmark success lied in leading a team of international student exchange committee through AIESEC which is a global platform for international student internships and educational exchange program.

The day ended with students witnessing success stories of common men who made a name for themselves knowing themselves and following their potentials to the core. The session gave rise to questions like, how do we also follow our heart? Can we also become a success? Are we into the right field? Etc, were raised. The team assured them that their answers lies in the Aptitude test which the students would be exposed to the next day.


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