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Ms Shilpa Sapra, a famous psychologist and career counsellor, believes that career counsellor needs to be empathetic, active listener and passionate

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“Every person has a calibre to make livelihood but if they are encouraged to find their career in a field they have passion for, they can not only excel in that field but also can lead a very happy and successful life”

 – Ms Shilpa Sapra

These days, career counselling is considered one of the most important element in students’ growth. Many educationists have tried to propagate the idea of adopting career counselling for school going students so that they can take the right career decisions at the right time. Many psychologists are also working hard to help the students build their career. With increased awareness, many schools invite psychologists to guide the students about different career options. Psychologists can play an important in this field since they have a capability to connect to the student and understand students’ potential and skills. One such renowned career psychologist is Ms Shilpa Sapra.

We at Careerguide interviewed Ms Shilpa Sapra, a famous psychologist and career counsellor.

Ms Shilpa Sapra

Ms Shilpa is a famous psychologist and has worked extensively in career guidance

She is currently working with Queen Mary School in New Delhi and have also worked with Unique Psychological Services. Apart from career counselling in schools and workshops, she has given remedial classes to children with learning disabilities. She has also worked as behaviour therapist with children with autism spectrum disorder at Behaviour Momentum India Pvt Ltd and Vibhor neuro-care. Ms Shilpa has done post graduate in psychology which was followed by a diploma in rehabilitation psychology and a certification in guidance and counselling.

“I love helping people and guiding them to find the right career option” – Ms Shilpa

She has always considered career counselling as well-regarded profession. When asked what career counselling means to her personally, she without hesitation said that she loves helping people and supporting them in finding the right career option. She believes that every person has a calibre to make livelihood but if they are encouraged to find their career in a field they have passion for, they can not only excel in that field but also can lead a very happy and successful life.

My personal experiences with difficulties in choosing the right career option directed me towards career counselling

She herself got into the field of career counselling out of her personal experiences while choosing the right career. She says that while it was her age of selecting the right career, she was much interested in humanities but her parents did not support in that. However, she went against them and chose the field she was passionate for. But not many students can pursue the career of their choice in front of their parents’ own dreams and judgements about different career options. She realised that this problem is deep rooted in the Indian education system and she could easily understand the emotional pain that a student goes through at this age due to frustration of not doing they are passionate for. Thus, she decided to help students in realising their potential and helping them plan their careers.

Have a question regarding your career ?

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She has been guiding students with the help of different tools that include psychometric tests and ideal career tests provided by CareerGuide, David battery of differential aptitude, comprehensive interest schedule, 16 personality factor questionnaire and dermatoglyphics. These tools help in understanding the interest of student and their inclination towards a specific career option. Based on the output of these tests, she guides a student on how to plan their career, tells them about the scope of a particular field. Along with that she also guides the student with different admission exams and courses that a student can opt for while choosing a particular career option.

“It is important to guide students along with their parents to get a happy output from career counselling.”

She believes that it is highly important for parents to undergo career counselling together with their children. Mostly parents and children have different aspirations about the career options. Parents often think according to their own understanding and knowledge of different career options that they see around them. However, many times they just push their children due to their own dreams about their children. Thus, there is a great need to provide counselling to parents and students all together. This is highly required to keep the students and their parents happy about the career decision taken.


A career counsellor needs to be empathetic, active listener and passionate!

On asking what are the top skills that she believes should a career counsellor possess, she says that the major skill should be empathy. This helps a career counsellor to connect to the student and understand their passions. Apart from this, there is a need of a career counsellor to be an active listener and passionate for what he is doing. Career counselling is a big responsibility since this profession helps several students to build their career and thus chose a lifestyle, thus a career counsellor needs to be very passionate for what he is doing. This job is not only for money rather for helping others chose right life and career option.

Career Guide is a good resource of information that keeps me updated about the latest trends in different career options.

She says that there are many career options that are evolving these days. Some of them are due to technical advancements and some are due to market demands. Thus, it is very important for a career counsellor to remain updated of the happening in the education industry so that he can guide the students according to the latest trends. She herself keeps herself updated about the trends through various websites and sources. She considers CareerGuide as a good source of information. Apart from this, other websites such as Student Destination provide good information on the latest updates in different career options. Also, she uses more sources through googling or reading different newsletters, blogs and websites.

She has always been inspired by Ms Sammy Khanna who inspired her to take the field of career counselling. Also, she believes that the work done CareerGuide is fantastic and she recommends the tools that have been developed by CareerGuide.

Have a question regarding your career ?

Ask Ms Shilpa Sapra


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