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How Parents can help their children choose a better career?

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History has repeatedly showed that the success of a person is attributed to the sacrifices of the family as a whole. No man is an island. Truly when anyone talks about – family, parents form the integral part. Even society as a whole, acknowledges the role of parents, who are instrumental in shaping up the careers of their sons and daughters. One may probably think that role of parents gets diminished when individuals reach adulthood. In reality, it isn’t that. Rather it can be said, they are to be considered an integral active part of decision making of the individuals who are looking for stepping stones in their lives. One can also say that in presence of trained skilled teachers at school, how come parents create that much an impact to a person’s life. In this regard, clearly it can be said that teachers do have impact but looking at bigger perspective, their scope is rather limited.

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Teachers are the role players, who in their classroom interaction stresses on better understanding of school subjects. They also give emphasis on life skills as well. As every classroom is heterogeneous mixture of students coming from all strata of the society, it is virtually impossible for teachers to look after each and every student and point out the mistakes and prescribe the probable remedies. Moreover, academic discussion within the class premises often hinders the teacher from discussing job oriented issues as they don’t have the luxury to discuss anything other than curriculum. The formative and summative evaluation side by side is not at all true testimony to the career perspective. Although there has been long speculation whether the present subjective curriculum help in career oriented approach or not, there has been no great assertion as such. Thus, in all probability, parents have a bigger role to play and in the following we will discuss their probable effective role playing in a nutshell.

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  • Guidance & motivation: There is no denying the doubt that all of us witness so much talents or promising individuals getting lost just because they aren’t guided well. Proper directed career guidance is something which is seriously needed for prospering of students. The advantage for parents in this regard is, they know their sons and daughters much better than anyone else. Thus it is easy much easier for them to guide in the correct path. Motivation is another arena, where they have paramount importance, as they are always around their wards at home. Thus guidance and motivation can ultimately help individuals in choosing a better career.
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  • Analyzing the psychometric assessment test results: Nowadays it is almost obvious for job aspirants or even students to appear for online psychometric assessment tests. Problem is, most students are not at all matured enough to analyze those results. Side by side, they are often not being able to differentiate the results from a qualitative approach. Thus there is always a possibility of missing the essence of it. Henceforth, it is important for parents to be smart enough for analyzing those results and inspire their sons and daughters to revise their plans and transform their weakness to be their greatest strengths.
  • Giving advice on alternatives: Flexibility is the call of the day and career wise too it is indeed a reality. Often students are adamant or too possessive with their aspirations and end up becoming frustrated ones. Thus it is extremely important to judge the feasibility of any methodical approach and henceforth plan any good alternative. Often it is seen for individuals, that alternative career plans make them bigwigs in the industry as a well. It is the role of the parents to make their sons and daughters flexible enough to understand the contemporary scenario and to have a proper back up plan. Often it is said, a successful person is one, who has a better back up plan.


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  • Arranging work experience if at all possible: Nowadays, often it is seen many companies prefer job aspirants having previous work experience. One may simply ask, where a fresher would be going if that be the case of the demand for the HR consultants. Well, parents can certainly deal with the matter by arranging internship or article ship or hands on experience so that the gap between theoretical and practical work is diminished for the concerned individual.

Thus it is as clear as crystal that parents have a vital role to play in the well being of the careers of their sons and daughters. Let’s not forget that fact that true career counselling and honest concern has no substitute in life. Only parents can be 100% committed to the success and ultimate growth of individuals and remain true pillars to their achievements. Ultimately, forming a good career is a result of good team work within the strata of family and in the bigger family that is the society.


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