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Passion versus planning: what’s better for career development?

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Students often think that if they don’t know what they want to be professionally since early childhood, there must be something wrong with them. After all, all the geniuses of our time have had a crazy amount of determination and worked relentlessly to achieve their goals.

That’s why, when you feel lost and not really attracted to any career, you might feel scared for your future.

Don’t be. Passion is good, of course, but unless you are in an artistic field, passion is hardy a requirement. In fact, analysis of your skills and career prospects and then acting on such analysis is as good as, or even better than passion to a certain field.

Passion versus planning: what’s better for career development?

Passion drives you in a certain direction, while analysis helps you adjust such direction while you go.

Here are the top reasons why you are better prepared to the professional world outside than a person who has been professionally determined since childhood.

You know what you are good at and can choose a profession based on your skills. It often happens that people with a blind determination to be doctors, engineers, designers, etc. are actually not fit for the job. Their passion helps them live through years of training and even start professional activity, but it only increases the number of people who are not suitable for the job they are doing. The difference between skills and the job that a person has selected often leads to the feeling of dissatisfaction on the background and psychological problems.

When your choice is not pre-determined, you can shop around for a more promising occupation. Where are salaries higher? Where do people work fewer hours a week than the rest? What are the work-from-home possibilities in each occupation? Maybe working in an essay writing help company is better suited for you than working in a law firm, because it gives you so much more freedom? Or maybe you prefer money over freedom? You can factor in such considerations into your choice of occupation and be better off in the end.


Easily change your career path in light of new events. Changes of career become more and more frequent. With new technology emerging on a monthly basis, your job might very well become obsolete in a few years. When the occupation was selected with your skills and prospects in mind, you can act in advance to change your professional focus. This is hardly the case with people whose job is their long-cherished passion – they will cling to it for as long as they can, which is often not the best course of action.

All in all, passion could help in career development – but only if you develop it in the process. There is nothing bad about liking your job. However, if such love starts determining your choices and outshining reason, it might actually hurt your professional life. That’s why if you don’t feel any inclination just yet – don’t worry. You will be able to do better through career prospect analysis and probably some career counselling. And also, you are among the majority – few people know what they want in their professional life from day one.


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