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Which sections are covered in the PTE Academic test session?

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Amongst the many standardised tests that allow you to measure your English language skills, the Pearson Test of English (PTE) is perhaps the best option out of the sheer bevy of choices available. The reason being that the PTE Academic Test is technologically advanced allowing for the most accurate and unbiased results to the test. Another reason is that results are generated within three to five working days, which indeed is a massive improvement as compared to other such tests that take weeks to declare the test results.

Moreover, the flexible nature of the test is another factor to consider as there are more than 250 test centres present all across the world, with examinations being held throughout the year. This means that the candidates will face little to no problems while choosing the most convenient date and location of the examination.

So, if you are amongst the many aspirants who are aspiring to take the PTE Academic Test, it is imperative for you to be aware of the sections present in the PTE examination.

Part 1: Speaking and Writing

In this section, you need to provide a personal introduction and read aloud certain excerpts, sentences, and full-blown paragraphs. Additionally, you will be required to prove your writing mettle by answering short questions, describing images, summarising paragraphs, and writing an essay.

Part 2: Reading

The reading section will require you to analyse a particular text excerpt, answer several multiple-choice questions and fill in the blanks wherever required. Moreover, this section will also require you to re-order certain paragraphs to make sense of the entire structure.

Part 3: Listening

This section requires you to carefully listen to the text communicated to you via headphones and then analyse it. Here, you will be required to summarise the spoken text, answer multiple-choice questions, fill in the blanks, and highlight any incorrect information. Further, you will also be asked to provide the correct summary based on the information you have heard and write some excerpts as well.

The PTE Academic Test is a great way for you to secure your prospects of either studying or settling abroad. As an aspirant, it is essential for you to be aware of the elements of this test. The three phases that you need to be aware of are – the Speaking and Writing section, the Reading section and the Listening section. By being well-aware of these sections, you will not be taken by surprise during the test while also ensuring that your result is remarkable.

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