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How to stand out at a job fair

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Going to a job fair?  This is a place where there will be many people with your very same skill set.  This means that you will need to try to stand out, in a good way from everyone else.  Job fairs can be a bit intimidating for this reason. You will be in a sea of job seekers and employers.

Be prepared to do a lot of interviews.  These companies are there and they are serious about finding candidates.  Be sure to wear your interview best and ready for action. These interviews may be a quick handshake and a couple of questions.  When you here “Thank you for stopping by.” that is your cue that your interview is over and you need to move onto the rest. Some companies will have a little “backstage” set up, where it is behind a curtain or sign to give a little more privacy.  Others are literally as people are passing along. And, yet, another effective manner that employers use is to set up quick time slots that allow you to sign up for an interview. In any of these cases, this is probably the simplest way to get in front of a lot of businesses looking for your talent.


Don’t just ask questions

Yes, this is a great time to get into an engaging conversation.  However, they want to know a little about you as well so be sure to give it to them.  They want to get to know your personality, why you are interested in the job and get that pitch perfected as well.  Before you go to the job fair, have a pitch rehearsed to help you remember what you were going to say. This is your one chance to say what you would like them to remember you by.

Be Seen and Heard

When you are among aggressive job seekers, the background noise alone can get pretty intense.  Be sure to speak up and speak clearly and directly to the person you are speaking with. Maintain good eye contact is important as well.  Be sure you are paying close attention to the person interviewing you as it is easy for them to lose focus among all the crazy chaos themselves.  Don’t yell at them, this isn’t a rock concert. However, do ensure your voice is loud enough to hear among the crowd.

Know who’s going to be there

According to, most job fairs will have an announcement that will tell you the companies that will be there.  Do your homework on these companies and really try to figure out which ones would be a good match for you.  Of course, this is not a hard true decision and there are exceptions but having a map or an idea will help you optimize your time.  If there are certain companies that intrest you more, go to those first. This will allow you to put on your best performance while still fresh.  Sure, many companies will bring brochures and different marketing materials for you. However, you will not have time to look at any of that until maybe the next day.  Job fairs are exhausting. You should be ready for a lot of social interaction.

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