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How to Take your First Steps into a Hair and Beauty Career

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Here at Juvea aesthetics, we are very proud of our highly trained and experienced beauty therapists excelling in beauty career. We see many clients coming along to experience one of our high-quality beauty treatments to find them leaving not only completely satisfied, but often inspired to kick start their own career in the hair and beauty industry.

Juvea aesthetics have the following advice for anyone aspiring to become anything from a professional hair stylist or beauty therapist to a nail art technician or be in a beauty career.


Professional training


First of all, we would recommend that you attend college to train in beauty therapy, or undertake professional training in your chosen specialism with an accredited training centre. Not only are professional qualifications essential for your success, but you will also learn the necessary skills you need from experienced instructors.

Many aspiring hair and beauty students think that it will be expensive to train in their chosen profession, and as a result can be put off from pursuing their dream career. If you truly want to work in this industry, then you shouldn’t let your current financial position deny your long-term goals.

You can look for part-time courses that are quite flexible, and can be fitted around your work and home life quite comfortably. It may take you a little longer to achieve your desired qualifications, but you will be on the right track to success and will be gaining a lot of knowledge and picking up a lot of valuable skills along the way. 


Beauty Career


Be open-minded about your career choice

Many hair and beauty students start their training with a particular specialism in mind. This could be because you have a strong passion for nail art, or you want to specialise in offering skin care using only natural ingredients. However, you should remain open minded about all the different paths you can take. You may surprise yourself and discover a new found love for creating wedding hair styles or semi-permanent make-up.

While attending your college course or training programme, it would be wise to seek out part-time work within the hair and beauty industry so you can watch, listen and learn from the experts in the workplace. As your training progresses and your knowledge grows, your salon or spa manager may be more than happy to let you take on some supervised treatments. This can give you valuable experience to take forward with you.

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