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Tips To Prepare For Your Job Interview.

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1. Clothing
If you want to make a lasting impression, it would be a good idea not to dress as a slob and make yourself appear like a serious candidate. You should always wear a suit to the interview unless you are told to wear something specific. Even for jobs that do not seem appropriate for such formal attire, a nice suit and tie will go a long way. For women, both long skirts or dress pants are appropriate for interviews, but don’t be afraid to make yourself feel good at the same time. Maybe a little lip balm to keep your lips luscious.


Job Interview

2. Ask Questions
An employer will think that you will be disinterested or perhaps even incompetent if you do not ask any questions about the job. You need to appear engaged, curious and willing to learn about your new position. It will be a good idea to come up with a list of questions and memorize them prior to your interview.

3. Do Your Research
If you have access to the internet then you have no excuse not to know about the company you are applying for. Research the company’s history, blog and social media posts, financial reports and any other material that you can find. It will definitely impress the interviewer if you are knowledgeable about the company as if you already were an employee.

4. Good Posture
Interviews are typically seated and you may appear timid or lazy if you are just slouched in the the chair. You need to sit up straight, look straight ahead, keep your chin parallel to the floor, keep your back straight and your shoulders held firmly and evenly. You can appear in control and confident if you can maintain perfect posture during the interview. If are applying for an office job then proper posture is a good skill to learn for working seated anyway.

5. Arrive Early
It would be embarrassing if you showed up late to an interview and it would be exceptional if you arrived several minutes early. Make sure you have your transportation situation well planned out and leave at least 20 to 30 minutes earlier than expected if you plan on driving a great distance. If you are taking public transportation, make sure you have the routes and transfers well memorized.


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