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Should unpaid internships be illegal?

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The modern education system demands experience from students in the fields they are currently pursuing in their grads or at in their masters. The internship provides the necessary experience a student requires in the work environment and also learns to behave in the actual work culture. But the big question that arises is “should unpaid internships be legal?” Debates and arguments can be read on EssaysharkApp to get an insight on what’s going on all around the world between experts where a few are in favor and few are against the free internship.


Unpaid internship

Should it be banned?

The internship has become an essential part of the student life which makes the resume look good when compared to leaving the experience column blank. But has the student gained any real experience and knowledge is something we are not too sure of.

Those in favor of banning the unpaid internship argue that interns are highly exploited in the work scenario and in fact, they learn very little or nothing during the internship period. The bosses get work out of them and exploit them to the T, as they are unpaid and as they say, ‘anything free is considered worthless’.

Secondly, unpaid internship makes it more difficult for the lower income or poor students who have to find jobs at places just to make money to support themselves or their family, instead of getting the necessary experience to land proper earning jobs. When time to seek employment comes, these students have to compete with their counterparts who have gathered experience through internships, and at certain places, these students are completely banned due to lack of experience.

The experts argue that labor is labor and they should be paid for whatever work they do within the organization for the stipulated period of time. Otherwise, they are most likely to be taken advantage of.

Should it not be banned?

Those against the ban on unpaid internship argue that internship is not meant to provide any monetary benefit to the students; it is simply for students to get experience the know-how of the work environment. The idea of internship itself is that the students get into the real work scenarios and get first-hand knowledge of how things work in an office setup. If students get paid as much as the employees, there will be absolutely no need for internships; the students can directly get into employment. And, also to pay or not to pay the interns is at the employer’s discretion.

If every company starts paying the interns as well as the employees for the same work done, they are very likely to run into losses and also, it will be unfair for the employees to be paid same as the interns.

The arguments and debates against and in favor will continue until some solid decisions are taken by the government, but I’m of the opinion that every student going for the internship in any organization should be paid, even if the payment made is lesser than the employee’s pay check. This will give them a sense of doing actual work which will only boost the company’s reputation and boost the morale of the students as they are earning something for the work they are doing.

What do you think? Let us know your views.

Ruchi Gupta is a passionate reader and a homemaker working from home and is into recruiting fresher’s for summer internships.



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