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What not to do while choosing a career?

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Choosing a career is an important part of everyone’s life. After finishing studies, everyone faces pressure about how to start a career. Any little mistake knowingly or unknowingly can ruin a good start. Here are some points which are needed to be paid a heed to avoid costly mistakes.

Don’t have an unrealistic attitude:

Always remember getting high scores in the entrance is not enough for success. Practical knowledge of interpersonal skills, high aptitude, social and business awareness, self-confidence, communication skills are also required for getting a job. An employer will have a look at your resume scoring above 80% marks only once. He will be more focused towards your working capability, experience level, commitments, regularity, and dedication. The more you will be presentable, the more you will be confident and convincing, and more will be the chances of getting the job.

Never go without Ricci:

You must be clear about your objectives. If you are taking an interview call, listen to them carefully and make sure about the offers provided by the recruiters according to your needs. You may miss something while taking a call, and it is possible that after applying for a job you find something which is not in favor of you and you get confused whether to go with it or not. Better to take prior attentions to avoid such situations.

Not to be a fatalist:

A closed mouth catches no fly. Don’t be a fatalist and wait for the opportunity to come by itself. Get up and go for it. Whenever you may get opportunities to learn more, grab them whether it may be overseas, metro-cities, local or rural areas. Don’t think that it will be hard for you to rush to a new place. It can be beneficial for your learning process and for accepting such opportunities you must be ready for relocation as well. It will be a great deal for your future amendments.

What not to do while choosing a career

“The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones                                                                       who do.”                                                                                                  

  ~Steve Jobs


Avoid pressurizing yourself:

Never go for the job which is boredom for you and affect your mental and physical efficiency. Don’t choose the career under the pressure of your family, friend or well-wishers only for obeying their aspirations. You can convince your family and tell them about your future plannings. Assure them that you can do much better in the field of your own choice and don’t want to be the frog of the well. Choose the option which can bring positive growth in you.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”      ~ Steve Jobs


Don’t have a rigid attitude:

Develop audacity to follow your dreams. Even career advisors can help those who are dedicated towards their goals, have a positive attitude and can work flexibly for achieving targets. At times you have to change your attitude, while working with your seniors you have to be respectful and it totally changes when you are working with a junior or peers. Similarly, your attitude may change with situations.

 Stop playing ducks and drakes:

Posting mass resumes online or by visiting one place or the other without setting your area of work is just a time killing attitude. It may divert you from your field of interest. You may have to attend unnecessary calls which are not of your interest.

Say no to toe the line:

Never follow monotonous activities. Make a good profile including your skills, areas of interests and efficiency. Develop extra skills in yourself which can lead your career towards acme of success.  After knowing about the facts of job hunting process, prepare yourself for amendments and list strong choices for your career. Patience, dedication, strong commitments and expert guidance will play a vital role in facing tough times. Try to be forethought for getting job satisfaction and overall happiness for getting success.

You may take advice from career counselors as well for further discussions regarding your career. They can suggest you the better options as per your interests. They will help you in more focused way including your skills, residential area, interests and expectations. They will make you think thrice before applying for the job as per your personal satisfaction. They can also let you know about the challenges, the goals and the commitments you may face in the particular company you are thinking to go with. Career advice will not let you go astray. It will surely prove a milestone for your true success.

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