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Who are career experts and career counselors and how they can help you choose the right one?

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Most of us face a dilemma when we step out of class 12th. The biggest question we face then is, what do we want to become? Your career is a very important thing. You need to know what you want to become in order to pursue higher education in the chosen stream. But in today’s world there are many different careers to choose from. It can become difficult for you to choose the correct career option for yourself. There are many people around us who advise us regarding the best career option. But though these advices come with a lot of love and care, they might not be accurate or dependable. When you face such dilemma over your career choice, it is best to get some career guidance. This is what career experts or career counsellors do.

Who are career experts or career counsellors?

Career experts or careers counselors are those who are professionals certified to work as career experts. They have specialised knowledge regarding the different career options available to the students. The career counselors are trained to understand and analyse the students in order to conclude about the right career choice. They have experience in this field and will be able to guide regarding the type of career option that will suit the best. They analyze personality, academics, interest and like in order to understand what would be the best option for the candidate.

How to choose the right professional counsellor or a career expert?

There are a number of guidance counselors out there who will be able to guide you In the process of choosing the right career for yourself. While choosing the right guidance counselor you need to be sure you are extremely comfortable with them. You will be required to talk to them on a very open level, this is possible only if you are very comfortable with them. The next important thing to see while choosing a counselor is the amount of experience. It is recommended to go for someone who has vast expertise in the field. There is a high chance that they will be able to analyse you better in order to understand the best career for you. You need to keep in mind that there are many different organisations that have career counsellors. It is best to contact someone from an organisation as you will be getting reviews regarding the person before you do your career counselling session. Reading reviews is a great way to understand on how he has helped others. This will not only give you the moral boost required but also ensure that they can make the correct analysis of you.

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How can career counsellors help you?

The most important thing that a professional counsellor helps you with is to guide you regarding the best options for your career. Another very important thing they help you with is to understand your strong and negative points. It is often difficult to access yourself. The guidance counsellors give a good unbiased idea regarding the good and bad in your personality through psychometric test. This helps you to put in a conscious effort to enhance your positive qualities and put in extra effort to improve on your negative points. Thus, it is a very good idea to consult a career counsellor who can help you to understand what would be the best options for you. You can then make a proper decision based on those options.


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