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Why you need to visit a Career Guide counsellor post your 10+2 ?

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What to do after 12th
Class 12 is one of the most crucial year for any student. The marks you obtain in class 12 will help you to get into the University of your choice. But apart from the marks and the exams there is another very important thing about class 12. This is the year when you need to decide what you want to further studies on. The subject or subjects you choose during your college life has a major impact on your career. So it can be easily said that what you choose after college helps you to decide on what career you want to take up.

  • What is career guidance?

When you are on the thresh holds of your college life, you need to make very important decisions as to what you want to do after 12th. This is when you require counselling regarding the type of career that will suit you best. It is normal to be worried regarding what career to take up in the future. Though you will get a lot of advice from all your near and dear ones, it might not be the most effective thing. You need concrete guidance that will help you to understand what is best for you and thus choose something accordingly. Many a time it might not be easy for you to choose the perfect career for yourself. In times of such confusion you need someone to help you choose the right direction. Are your parents or relatives the best people to guide you when it comes to a career? Even though these people play a vital role in our lives, it is not a good option to go to these people when it comes to career related advice. You should always visit professional career guide who can assess you and give you the best ideas regarding what type of a career you should take up.

  • Benefits of career counselling

You should visit an expert in order to get access to good career counselling. The requirement or benefit of such career counselling in helping you to take the correct career decisions, can be enumerated through three questions.

  • What is the right career for you?

This is one of the main questions faced by youngsters once they are done with their 10+2. There are many different career options to choose from but it can be rather difficult to choose the right career option. Proper career counselling can help you to answer that question. The professional counsellor can help you to decide what would be the best option for you through proper analysis and examination. Choosing the right career is an important thing in this stage as it will ensure that you take up the proper stream in your graduation level.

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What after 12th
  • Which institution will be the best at helping you to achieve your career goals?

There are many reputed institutions out there. But is mandatory to choose the one that suits your career best. A professional career counselor will help you to find that institution and help you with the formalities. There are many reputed colleges to choose from. It can get difficult to understand what would be the best option for you. These counsellors will make sure that they do a proper analysis and understand what would be the best option for you. Another important thing is that they know about the different admission procedures in different colleges. This is a very good thing for students who are applying to foreign universities. These counsellors can help you with all the technical details and the admission procedure. They will be beside you while you take up the formalities related to admission.

  • What are the scopes of your chosen career once you finish your education?

It is very important to know about the scope of the chosen career. The professionals will be able to guide you regarding what will be the scope of the career chosen by you once you have completed your education and stepped into the professional world. In this ever changing world the scope of any career keeps changing. While choosing a career you need to keep in mind that the scope of your business will be in your favor once you have started your career. You need to consider the years that you will take to complete your education before you start the work. Thus career counselling is a very important thing post 10+2 in order to understand what the best career options for you are. This will help you understand what is your strong and weak points are. You can inculcate in yourself a discipline that will help you to stand out when you start working. So young adults do need to go in for some career counselling once they are done with their 10+2.

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