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How Will You Know if Engineering is Right for You?

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Engineering is an incredibly broad discipline and has its roots in every trade we are aware today.Being an extensive subject with numerous categories, it can be difficult to narrow down which trade is right for you. However, before you jump on this question and decide, you need to evaluate yourself and ask yourself, whether engineering is, in fact,right for you or not. There is much clamor surrounding the engineering profession and most parents, teachers and students are pushing engineering for about anybody. Most students follow what others are doing and never really comprehend their own skill set.
How Will You Know if Engineering is Right for You?

When choosing a career, a student must evaluate their skillset and ambitions realistically. It lays the foundation for a successful career, and a student can stay happy in their career if it aligns with what they want. So, before you start looking for different courses for engineering, do an extensive research and see if engineeringsuits your demeanor. Universities like BML Munjal University follow a unique pedagogy for all their courses for engineering where students are taught with hands-on experience. However, before you choose your choice of branch, here’s what you need to know about engineering and if it suits you –

Essential Traits of an Engineer

  • Curiosity to figure out things
  • Mathematical skills and analytical aptitude
  • Mechanical Aptitude
  • Listening and Problem-solving skills
  • Leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Detail-oriented

If you can gauge yourself on these parameters and you believe you carry most of these skills, then it is highly possible that you are cut out for engineering and can make a successful career.

Are you confident about the traits mentioned above? If yes, then it is time to ask yourself the following questions –

  1. Are you passionate about mathematics and science?

Math and Science are two primary subjects in engineering, and branch of engineering revolves around these two subjects. If you have mathematical skills but are not fond of the subject, then you should think twice before deciding.

  1. Do you like to solve puzzles and problems?

Problem-solving identifies your critical and analytical skills which are necessary for an engineering profession. At every instance when you are studying engineering, you will come across situations where you will need to solve problems that require out-of-the-box thinking. In such circumstances, critical and analytical skills will play a significant role.

  1. Do you like working with computers?

Today, every engineering branch requires working with computers. If you are tech savvy and enjoy troubleshooting problems related to computers, then engineering might work out in your favor.Working in the software development field is also exciting as a
software engineer salary. usually ranges up to $153K.Even in branches like Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, all drawings that were previously hand-made are now done using software like CAD.

  1. Are you creative?

Engineering is not all logical. It requires and embraces an innovative solution to a problem. Engineers are needed to think of immediate solutions and turn their ideas into reality. If you have a creativemindset and can think of creative ideas to solve a problem, then think of choosing engineering as a career. However, creativity as a skillset is now a requirement for every career.

If your answers to the above questions are mostly yes, then congratulations, you can certainly make a career in engineering. However, apart from the prerequisite skillset, you need to bring in other factors into the picture.


Realistic Understanding of the Profession

Engineers are exposed to all sorts of situations, and amidst this hullabaloo, an engineer must be proactive in decision making. It is important to evaluate your branch of study from different courses for engineering. Remember, every engineering course is equally demanding, and it will all come down to your interest. If you are interested in fiddling with mechanical aspects, then mechanical engineering might be right for you, or if you like imagining things on a grand scale and bringing them to life, civil engineering might be your cup of tea. Bear in mind that you choose the correct course for engineering, you will not only enjoy it, but it will not seem like a burden.

Talk to Practicing Engineers

We all have friends, seniors, acquaintances and relatives who are engineers, not all, but at least a couple of them. Make sure you interact with them and ask about their real-life experiences in the industry. Talk to your seniors at school who are now studying engineering. Having a thorough and realistic idea about the current industry trends, challenges and opportunities will help you evaluate your decision more precisely.

Keep in mind, engineering is a fruitful career like every other career, only if it aligns with your interest. Engineering is a highly challenging and rewarding career which can make both the person and the world around them a better place. Make an informed choice and let your passion for building and improving things strive along your career.



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