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What you will learn in the prep course for Project Management Professional certification?

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Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the most recognized, renowned and respected professional qualification for project managers offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). In order to be able to take on the questions that come in the PMP examination, you have to be thorough with PMBOK (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge) content and align your project management experience with the PMI guidelines. Answering the questions solely from your experience is not enough as you have to keep in mind what you have learned from PMBOK while answering the questions.

Project Management Professional

By now, you must know that, before you can sit for the PMP exam, you require passing an officially authorized 35-hour course that prepares you to take on the theoretical as well as the practical side of the PMP examination. If you live in Austin, Texas, United States of America, then PMP Certification Austin from Knowledge Hut, based on PMBOK Guide 6th Edition, is one of the best 35-hour courses offered for PMP examination. You get to sit for 6 full-length Mock Examination featuring 1200 practice questions plus you are free to select whether you desire classroom training, e-learning or virtual training.

Now the question that might come in your mind is that what you will learn in this 35-hour prep course for PMP examination. Before, we answer this question; you must know the outline of the PMP examination.

The questions that come up in the PMP certification exam encompass 5 domains which are Initiating, Planning, Monitor-Control, Performing and, Closing a project. Speaking about the percentage of questions from each domain, the following is the breakup as provided by PMI:

  • 13% questions are from the domain Initiating.
  • 24% questions are from the domain Planning.
  • 31% questions are from the domain Executing.
  • 25% questions are from the domain Monitoring and Controlling.
  • 7% questions are from the domain Closing.
  • The total Number of Scored Questions will be 175 plus 25 un-scored (pre-test) questions.

However, simply studying for 35 hours is not enough. You require providing at least 60 hours towards the essential elements taught in the prep course. Moreover, practice is the key. Endless practice is a must if you really want to clear the PMP examination in the first attempt. That’s why Knowledge Hut is one of the premier institutes for acquiring the 35-hour official training for PMP examination as the experienced faculty goes to all lengths to make sure that the concepts are crystal clear to you.

Concepts Taught in the PMP Examination’s 35-Hour Prep Course

You will become familiar with a variety of project management related concepts and practices when you will take up the 35-hour prep course from a premier institute like Knowledge Hut. Following are the key elements that you will study, learn, and understand.

Terminologies and Concepts

Under this, you will learn various terminologies and concepts related to project management and become able to successfully apply the same when managing a project.

Project Management Best Practices

You will learn the global Project Management Standards from PMI. The course will prepare you to apply these project management standards to real-world situations. You will be able to successfully apply the same and achieve positive and required results.

Problem Solving

You will agree with us that a good project manager provides quick and working solutions to the clients, ensures compliance with the terms and conditions, reduces risk factors, saves time, and saves costs. When you are over with the 35-hour prep-course you will be able to effectively and efficaciously inculcate all these qualities in you. It doesn’t take much of an idea to know that when you will possess the PMP certification, the potential employers will automatically know that you have the desired qualities of a project manager. This makes you stay ahead from the competition. Moreover, if you are already working as a project manager, the day you acquire the PMP certification, you become a valuable asset for the organization. You enjoy the benefit of receiving considerably higher salary than your non-PMP-certified colleagues.

Clear Communication

If you are not able to communicate things clearly as a project manager, then you will be failing miserably in your role. With the prep course for PMP examination, you will learn how to ensure open communication between stakeholders and team members. Open communication decreases the chances of any kind of misunderstandings that may come up due to lack of communication or miscommunication.

Maintain Budget and Schedules

You will know the tips and tricks to ensure that the project stays within the scheduled costs and time frames. Moreover, you will be able to deliver superior results in less cost. It is needless to say over here that this will, indeed, make the client happy and he/she will look up to your organization for all their future endeavors.

Become a good leader

The prep course for PMP certification will help you to develop strong leadership qualities. You will be able to lead and motivate the team to deliver superior performance. There are situations when the entire team suffers from a lack of motivation. As a PMP certified project manager, you will know the essential tips and tricks to motivate the team and bring them back on track.

Master PMBOK

The prep course will help you master the PMBOK which is essential for clearing the PMP examination. You will learn about the 5 Process Groups, Ten Knowledge Areas and, Area of Professional and Social Responsibility.

Full Prep for exam

Knowledge Hut gives you a chance to attempt a first-time pass of PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam.

Final Words

Altogether, you will possess all the required qualities of a superior Project Manager after attaining the PMP certification. People might discourage you that the exam is expensive, time-consuming and requires hard labors to clear, but, now you know that the benefits of having the PMP certification completely outweigh the so-called cons declared by people.

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